Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

As The Dust Settles

I started my day with some cleaning. I emptied the garbage cans in my bedroom and bathroom, then started in with clearing off the main desk. Why? Because it just might make a workable set for photographing rubber ducks, of course! (As if anything else would motivate me to wading through years’ worth of paperwork and other detritus. Seriously!)

Eager to show off the fruits of my labors, I reached for my camera.

A clean desk

Say, why don’t we get some ducks into that shot?

Clean desk, with ducks

It took five minutes for me to locate one of the nine, however. Turns out that he’d been forgotten in my backpack for a few weeks, since the last time I took the ducks out-and-about (intending to do some outdoor shooting which never quite happened). Oops. Adding injury to insult, he’s a bit the worse for wear:

Score, with a damaged bill

Some of the paint on his bill rubbed off from being jostled around in my bag all that time. You can imagine how delighted I am at the results of my own negligence.

The show, however, must go on. We’ll deal with it. Now I just have to convince him not to eat my brains while I sleep by way of retaliation…


  1. Mari

    It adds character… It shows he’s been around the block a few times 🙂

    • GreyDuck

      Aha! Positive spin! See how clever you are?

  2. Wonderduck

    If you’re REALLY worried about him eating your brains, just put him in a pot of water before you go to bed. You’ll discover something verrrrrry interesting about that duckie if you do.

    • GreyDuck

      Well then. Now you’ve engaged my curiosity…

      • Wonderduck

        …assuming, of course, it isn’t just mine that does it.

        • GreyDuck

          Hmm. I had him in a bowl of water overnight. He just floated there merrily. Nothing seemed to happen. I tried tipping him over so his head was at least partway damp, still no change.

  3. Wonderduck

    Mine floats upside-down, which seems appropriate for a dead duck. Then, after about a half-hour, he sinks.

    • Wonderduck

      To clarify: I put him in water rightside up, and he immediately capsizes. Sometimes to port, sometimes to starboard. Then, eventually, he goes straight down. Darndest thing.

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