I had a plan for the usable portion of my tax return, that which wasn’t earmarked for state taxes or Alex’s school testing fees. I wanted a camera so I could take the usual array of snapshots as well as working on a couple of creative projects I’ve had in mind for a while now. Research led me to the FujiFilm S2000, a generally well-regarded entry-level not-quite-SLR type of camera. Add a tripod, high-end rechargeable batteries plus charger, and a memory card, then I was looking at somewhere close to $350.

In other words, my entire pool of spendable funds.


I could be responsible and buy piddly little things I’ve been needing, such as shoes. A replacement set of cutting heads for my shaver. Pants. Groceries. Replacement brushes for my electric toothbrush. I might even have enough left over to pick up a smaller “fun” item or two.

It’s the right thing to do. I’m just annoyed at myself for taking so long to realize it. Then again… I could’ve come to this conclusion after the fact, eh?