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2007. Not a great year, not a horrible year.

Perhaps I ought to wait until the last day of the year to bash out some thoughts about the dozen months gone by, but knowing how well I’ve stuck to my writing plan lately I’d probably end up writing this in mid-January… or not at all, most likely. (Let’s not dwell upon how many things I meant to write about but never did, and now can’t because I’ve lost too many of the details. Ugh.)

Two thousand seven, the year that was… after the break.

January: I started the year sick and unhappy. Kyla was staying with me, which wasn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but I was still working through my depression from the year before (what with losing my previous job and all) and sharing my tiny living quarters put a strain on things. I tried to rally toward month’s end, but nothing came of it…

February: Some ups, some downs. I received my tax returns and purchased some computer equipment (and other goodies) with it. On the flipside, I discovered some magazine subscription fraud taking place in my bank account, which resulted in my single most commented-upon post ever.

March: Upgraded WordPress, received my new desktop computer, heard from Ben (who I haven’t heard from since, naturally), launched my quiet (but not silent!) little anime forum, and… oh yes, turned 35. Also, Kyla moved into her own apartment, and there was much rejoicing (“yaaay”).

April: Only people who have suffered sleeping on a broken, lumpy mattress for years will understand when I say that one of the genuine highlights of my year was acquiring a new (okay: used but well-cared-for) mattress set. Go ahead and laugh. I’ll be over here, dozing comfortably. Neener neener.

May: Downside? Installing Windows Vista on my main office workstation. Upside? Hearing that the person responsible for the loss of my previous job lost their job. Sometimes you just have to indulge the shadenfreude, baby. Oh, and “Spider-Man 3” still sucks.

June: Two lovely ladies celebrated their birthdays. (I failed to note this in my journal at the time, which gives you some idea of how out-of-it I was.) If anything else of interest happened, I don’t remember it.

July: My sister celebrated a birthday, and I celebrated one year of mostly-gainful employment. This was my lightest month of posting… possibly since I started the journal, actually. Until this month, that is.

August: Visited friends in Seattle, migrated to a new server (which, let’s knock on wood now, has performed almost flawlessly from day one), bought a used laptop from my boss, and generally tried to enjoy living just a bit more than I had been doing. Also, my son celebrated one and a half decades on this planet. In somewhat related news, I kicked ass at laser tag.

September: Spent a couple of weekends doing housekeeping. This may sound banal, but after months of not giving a damn about my life, it was quite a step in a positive direction. Kyla and I took the rugrats to the Newport aquarium, and fun was had by all. Also, my daughter celebrated her birthday, because she insists on growing up year by year. Go figure, eh?

October: Kyla and I broke up. (Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending later on.) Mind you, since I can never do anything quite right, we broke up in the “we’re still friends and want to maintain that, and we hang out once a week” sort of way. Look, nobody ever said I was normal. I spent the month getting a better mental grip on who I am and what I want from life, love, and so forth. I also spent a large percentage of my biggest bonus check yet on a new media center PC. Huh, I was supposed to post an entry about that, wasn’t I? Damn…

November: Fiddled around with stuff, took things easy, and finally patched things up with Kyla. Hilarity ensued, or something along those lines.

December: Generally a “blah” sort of month, though not completely without merit. Christmas, for instance, didn’t go too badly. I think that everyone enjoyed the presents I gave, and that’s what matters. (No worries, folks: I enjoyed the presents I received quite a bit, too!)

The Year To Come: Oh, don’t ask me for predictions. I’m the guy whose knack is for being completely and totally wrong, remember? I do have a couple of ideas for things I’d like to do in the coming year. It’s just a matter of getting my butt in gear. As usual.


  1. I hope 2008 brings you goodness in all areas of your life.

  2. Laser tag?! How did I miss that?! (I don’t even care if it sounds dorky, I’ve always thought it would be way fun to try.)

    I predict the new year will suck even less than this year did. One of these years, it’ll all be brilliant and spiffy and we’ll look back and say, “Wow, we never saw all this good stuff coming!”

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