Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

It worked right, the first time?

I set up port-forwarding on my proxy/firewall machine. Not only did I manage to make it work in fairly short order, but I also managed to do it correctly the first time.

So, the impetus for this crash (if you’ll pardon the term) course in firewall geekery? The powers that be want KKSN and Charlie streaming, immediately if not sooner. We don’t have enough hard IP addresses to do so. Thanks to a suggestion from Corporate IT, I came up with another solution that I wasn’t sure I could pull off, but still looked like a better idea than ordering another bank of IP addresses from our ISP. (I hate changing DNS for a dozen machines and all sorts of domains. Gah.)

Now if only we could get to a point where, you know, I could work on the normal parts of my job that I’ve had to largely ignore for, oh, quite a few months now…


  1. The Cyberwolfe

    I was forced to listen to Charlie through most of the afternoon while wiring a veterinarian’s office today, and I have to say they live up to their motto of “we play everything”. Artists of note today included Gloria Gaynor, Enya, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi, and a bunch of crap from the 70’s I couldn’t identify. I just about “slipped” and threw a ladder through the radio.

  2. Rosekitten

    I am so glad I am on the East Coast right now. Hopefully the company won’t try that garbage over here. It is bad enough we don’t have a good altenative station or jazz station, but to subject us to the ‘Charlie’ format would make me sick.

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