Looking For Quacks In The Pavement


Dear Apple:

I shouldn’t have to jump through so many damned hoops to reset an iPod, or to properly reinstall your iTunes-and-related software, nor should I be forced to re-disable all of the stupid defaults in Quicktime every time iTunes is (re)installed. It also shouldn’t be so damned difficult to convince iTunes not to start up every time any profile signs into the computer just because an iPod is attached (for the sake of charging).

After hearing all the raves and hoopla about what a great piece of music software iTunes is, and after actually working directly with it, I can only assume that most people don’t expect much from their software besides a shiny-looking interface.


(This entry brought to you by one too many times spent wrestling Lil’s iPod and iTunes into submission. Ugh. And I’m the one who recommended the damned thing to her, so I have only myself to blame…)


  1. innowen

    hey now… i do NOT use iTunes solely cos it’s all “ooh shiny”… but i hope you already knew that.


  2. The Cyberwolfe

    Methinks the corporate programmersw of the world would be a better recipient list for the letter – being out in “home user land” like I am, you soon realize that EVERY software developer currently preying on the average Joe thinks their software should execute at every login. A clean install of XP home boots in under a minute – a new Dell takes about 2, after they throw in all the “Value Added” crap.

  3. Lilith

    But when it *does* work perfectly (which, admittedly, is most of the time), it’s very easy to use. And thank you muchly for making it work!!!

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