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Newly Updated Birthday Wish

I know I’m being unnecessarily greedy here, not to mention unrealistic, but if we could just avoid kicking off World War 3, that’d be all I really need for my 50th birthday that’s coming up here really soon.

Thanks everyone, I’m glad we got that settled. Nice talk.

A Year’s Worth In A Month

I posted seventeen entries last month (and another entry just before year’s end last year) which is easily more content than I added the entire previous year.

Which isn’t to say I’m likely to keep up that level of output, but it’s nice to know I can achieve that level of output over a span of several entire weeks.

What’s next? No idea!

A New Lease On Lifelessness

For a brief shining few moments I thought I had a plan to get us out of this apartment, which we used to love and now wish to depart. The solution just isn’t going to work, however, and when the other options are “go month to month for a whole lot more money” or “suck it up for another year of dealing with this clown-car operation for only slightly more money,” well.

Guess I’m gonna get used to the sight of floppy shoes and red-ball noses, ’cause it looks like we’re re-upping that lease to save money.

Not loud, just loud enough.

Next time we move, I want it to be somewhere that I don’t share a floor or ceiling with strangers.

It’s not that the current downstairs neighbors are super-loud. They’re just loud enough that I, with my combined misophonia and anxiety, can’t sleep or even fully relax when they’re watching shows loudly or their dogs are barking or what-have-you.

Unfortunately, it looks to be another year in this place before we can even consider trying to relocate. Ugh.

It’s (Only) Over Nine Thousand!

I reached a milestone far earlier than originally expected, and it only took two years of a deadly and debilitating global pandemic to help make it happen: The current remaining dollar amount for the loan I’ve been paying off for let’s-not-talk-about-how-many years is a four digit integer for the first time since the original disbursements landed.

I’m not a student, but the loan I’m paying is for a student, and qualified enough to be caught up in the “student loan flexibilities” program for the last couple of years. I’ve been making normal-amount payments anyway, thus chopping away at the principal while there’s no interest accumulating.

And today I can see a result that makes me… well, “happy” may not be the exact word, but it gives me some hope that I might get this thing done & dusted before the year’s out.

(I’m allowed to hope, right?)

Something Happened, But Yesterday

Sure, the one day of the month so far when something interesting actually happened, and it’s the day I forget to log into the site.

Still, a nine day posting streak is pretty good, considering.

Anyway! Yesterday, I met my new primary care physician. (What we’d have called “doctor” a few years ago but apparently times and titles change. Insert George Carlin routine about the softening of language, here.) Since my previous one was leaving the clinic I went to and nobody else at that clinic had availability, I ended up going through Providence’s phone system to line up a new option and schedule the meeting.

It all went well. I was weighed, height measured, and all the usual check-in check-up stuff, then had a brief chat with the new person in charge of making sure I don’t expire like an unpaid magazine subscription (speaking of dated references…), then hiked home afterward. I’m back to having someone on file that I officially can pester about renewing my stay-above-ground pills, and all it takes is a new round of blood testing so the primary care physician can make sure I’m still doing okay overall.

Being medical is still weird, but I’m getting more used to it.

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