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The True Pandemic Struggle

Among the mental, emotional struggles one faces while working from home during a pandemic, surely the greatest is the conflict between knowing you have limited (so, so limited) physical space for things and the desire to use retail therapy as a means of keeping your happiness levels somewhere above subterranean.

This message was prompted by the manga and the shiny math rocks order shipment email messages I received today.

All Sticker, No Shock

Every year, Vyx does some kind of advent-calendar-y thing, because she’s creative and such that way. For Yuletime 2021, this took the form of a series of small envelopes with stickers inside.

Here’s all 24, in order top to bottom, left to right. (There was no 25th.)

I want to use all of them. I want to use none of them. This is the eternal struggle of someone who likes stickers.

At some point I’m going to need a sticker storage device, aren’t I?

New Year New Doc

I spent most of the start of the 21st century not worrying about medical stuff. But everything changed when the Fire Nation diabetes attacked.

For various reasons, and I’m going to guess that the ongoing, possibly never-ending COVID situation is high on that list, the primary care physician I’ve been working with since mid-2020 is leaving the clinic I was going to, which means I need to line up a new doctor. You’d think that in the year twenty twenty two I could just go to a website and click a few times to set that sort of thing up, but no, a phone call is still required.

I hate phone calls.

But I sucked it up and made the phone call anyway, because “not dying” is kind of important to me. Yay, I pretended to be an adult!

Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be properly assigned to a physician again and I can keep getting my stay-above-ground medicines.

One Tiny Bit of Normalcy

For my first real activity of the new year, I got a haircut.

And if you know me then you’re probably thinking, “Hey, but you’re super anxious about All Of This Going On, how are you able to go into a hair salon every six weeks or so?” The answer, friend, is “Heavily masked and I can only manage to put up with it every six weeks or so.”

The alternative being shoulder-length hair or worse, this is a risk I take (as carefully as I can manage) to keep from losing my everloving mind. That stretch in 2020 when nobody was doing anything, nothing was open at all, and my hair was constantly in my eyes and on the bottom of the back of my neck? That was not fun at all.

If you don’t know me, you’re probably thinking that I should look into some DIY or other at-home solution. No, that’s not happening. I’m vain and fussy about some things and my hair is one of them. I have A Professional that I work with regularly, they know how to get a result that won’t leave me frustrated after it’s grown out for a couple of weeks, and those kind of working relationships are absolutely golden.

Everything else may be going to hang out with our friend Helena Handbasket, but at least my hair’s out of my eyes and not sticking up in weird directions.

New Year. Same Old Me.

I rang in the new year the same as I’ve done the last several: By wishing people would lay off of the fireworks. But I live in America, land of the free (to explode things any time they want), home of the brave (and foolhardy and obnoxious and so on).

For the most part, I spent the first day of twenty twenty two either gaming or doing game-adjacent activities. Vyx and I worked out some plans for future Fire Emblem Three Houses play sessions, I played a bunch of different mobile games on phone & tablet, and I put in another few hours in my current Satisfactory save game.

(More on that, soon.)

Tomorrow I will get a haircut and possibly do something besides play games with the last of my holiday weekend. Possibly.

I don’t recommend holding your breath.

Twenty Twenty One

Good heckin’ riddance.

Okay, it wasn’t all bad. I added some good new music to the library, a few shows were worth watching, and my diabetes seems to be mostly under control.

But still. Ugh. Nobody’s going to look back on this year fondly, are they?

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