Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Pie R Not Squared. Pie R Round.

Hey. Happy Pi Day!

It’s the end of a long, slow work week. My health has returned, but my insomnia has decided to make up for lost time. I haven’t had a full, restful night of sleep since Saturday. Well, at least I’m back to normal, eh?

My employers threw a company party at my supervisor’s house, a suitable venue because they have a bigger house than they need and a big basement room filled with toys… pool table, pinball machine, and so forth. I proved yet again that I’m no good at competitive games, but I had fun enough. Side note: One of the guests used to work for Monqui, which means we both know Jaime Cooley, former music director & air talent at KNRK. Small world!

Part of my weekend plans involve cleaning. I’ve been dead to the world for the last few weeks, so my bedroom and bathroom aren’t in the best of repair. It’s high time I did something about that.

Kyla and I have found a new addiction: Top Gear. Hey, we’ve gotta do something while waiting for more Avatar, let alone the new season of Doctor Who.

I think that’s everything for now. More to come, when I start doing post-worthy things with my life again.

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  1. Spud

    Wow, and what a day to not have school. The math department’s teachers are going to drill into our heads that Pi Day wasn’t on a school day. But frankly, it’s much less severe than what it would’ve been if we’d had school today. We’d get nothing done in Calc…

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