If there’s one thing anime loves to do, it’s to cram two ideas together at particle-accelerator speeds to see what kind of shiny explosion results. This week’s selection crams two related things together, then crams the resulting mass into yet more things.

What is it?

Blast of Tempest is a 24-episode anime based on a manga series.

What kind of story is it?

It’s kind of… Hamlet meets The Tempest. Meets vague Biblical references. Meets a magical action combat show.

It’s kind of… an out-for-revenge plot meets a murder mystery meets some kids trying to prevent the end of the world.

Even this guy wants to save the world. Just, maybe not everybody IN it…

It’s quite a thing.

Why do you like it?

This show is action combat fluff with great characters and some clever ideas. Everything else is just gravy at that point. I’m not saying that any of the characters are role models or particularly nice. I don’t want to hang out with them, I certainly don’t want to emulate them, but I like watching them interact with one another and blow stuff up.

You will never be as cool as Evangeline Yamamoto. Just accept that fact.

Also, people quote Hamlet from time to time. They got me right in my weak spot, there.

What might one not like about it?

Unlike my usual preferred fare, Blast of Tempest is a bit on the grimdark side. Bad things happen to good people. Heck, the plot largely pivots on a mysterious dead girl’s circumstances.

This is disturbing, yes, but not as disturbing as the plot-centered dead girl. Trust me.

Other thoughts about it?

I’m a bit slow. Despite “tempest” right there in the name, despite the Hamlet quotes, I didn’t really put together what was going on until reading up on the show later.

Yes, even despite the “powerful wizard trapped on an island” thing. I was distracted! Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Where can I watch it?

Gods, I hope CrunchyRoll never goes out of business, or I’ll have to edit so many entries in this feature. In the meantime, have some streaming Blast of Tempest.