I’m starting to like CUPS. I managed to print to three very different printers in two different ways with something resembling ease, from my Fedora-based test rig known as Frederick. Fred, by the way, will probably replace Zero (my current woefully-underpowered Linux desktop) within the week.

On Friday I disassembled the AS/400 that hosts our traffic system. This morning I managed to hook it back up again without screwing anything up. Go me!

Ryoko, my Windows desktop rig, has completely lost its USB ports. I don’t know precisely what caused the failure (though it happened at the time of the office move), but right now this means that I still don’t have an OfficeCam. I’ve been contemplating a rebuild of that box anyway (Twin 18-gig hard drives? Not enough!) so there may be a very radical solution to that problem in the very near future. Who knows? Maybe both of my office computers will be radically altered Compaqs before the month is out.

For the first time in weeks, I’ve enjoyed a workday during which I haven’t had to bother with the email server or any part of Enco. Whew.

Now if only I could empty those moving boxes without generating a ton of clutter, I could maintain this nicely clean office environment…

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. Goddamned piece of crap Beast is crashing again. Oh, did I mention that it was the backup on which we were relying because the main server had crapped out last week? ARGH.

UPDATE II: While waiting for my next set of marching orders, I installed the updated drivers for my motherboard’s USB 2.0 ports. Guess what? The “onboard” ports may have died, but the USB 2.0 expansion ports are just fine… which means that for the time being, at least, the OfficeCam is back. Take what joy you can in this fact. Me, I’d rather be home eating dinner.