In the midst of all of this, you know, reconstruction and preparation to move in the broadcast operations for KWJJ… er, sorry, The Wolf… and KOTK, it was decided that there’s also to be a wholesale recarpeting and repainting of the facility! Isn’t that great?

I will be vacating my office tomorrow, so I’ve spent the last couple of days packing and cleaning and filing and sorting. It’s all good, but it’s also kept me from doing much of anything else around here. My office will get the paint and carpet treatment on Saturday and Monday, then I get to move back in Tuesday… if all goes well.

Oh yeah: The OfficeCam will be offline between tomorrow and (probably) Wednesday. There’s no point getting too settled in my very-temporary space, right?

And then, when I’m back again… I get to rearrange things the way I’ve been thinking about doing for months now. (In a way, this project is a very good thing. It’s just damned annoying doing all of this packing and cleaning!)

Fun, I tell ya. Fun.