Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

See Jayn. See Jayn deal.

My Monday hasn’t been too bad so far, but the same can’t be said of Jayn. She’s faced mysterious computer troubles and clue-impaired listeners while managing a frantic round of contesting. I figure if there was a Cirque de Soleil act for juggling lunacy, she’d be a shoe-in for lead performer.

While I was paying a brief “house call” to make sure her studio GP was working again, I was treated to what she later insisted was only a sample of how her Monday’s been treating her:

Caller: Hi, I was wondering how I can pick up my prize.
Jayn: Well, you just come down to the studio and pick it up at the front desk. Do you need directions?
Caller: I know how to get there. So, um, do I need to push the NRK button when I get there?
Jayn: No, there’s a door, you just pull on it and come right in…

(another call)

Jayn: … what city do you live in?
Winner: Portland
Jayn: What’s your ZIP code?
Winner: Oregon
Jayn: Ah, I got that hon’. I need your ZIP code.
Winner: Oh.

So if you’re an NRK listener and you call in during Jayn’s show today, please be gentle with her. She’s a very nice woman who’s rapidly approaching the end of her patience, and she deserves a little kindness. Thanks!


  1. Wendi

    lol, Cyberwolfe that’s a hoot, and I thought dealing with frantic Brides who want impossible receptions were bad.

  2. Peachy

    I miss Jayn. I miss NRK. Port Angeles sucks.

  3. Kylanath

    You may be the person who gets to witness smart, talented people deal with stupid, clueless people in snarky, stylish fashion in your fishbowl radio world. Try being the smart, talented person who gets to *deal* with said stupid clueless people on a regular basis. Whoopsie, I guess my “out loud” radio voice at work again *snicker*

  4. merripan

    Heh… I get to deal with winners all the time at my job… The best call so far was the woman who lived in the “Gresham – Calculus” area… Perhaps someone should remind her that maps don’t include mathmatics unless you’re charting a course…


  5. The Cyberwolfe

    Yeah, but I’m the poor schmuck who gets to go into their houses and try to tell them to their face that they’re too damn dumb to own a computer or cable tv.

    Customer: “My cable doesn’t work.”

    Me: “Where’s the coax from the outlet to the tv?”

    Customer: “You mean it needs wire to the wall? I thought it would just turn on…”

    No kidding, I had that person. [shudder]

    The Cyberwolfe

  6. melissa

    try insurance, crap for that matter try dealing with billing queries such as:

    customer:”my bill is a dollar more this month. why?”

    me:*ripping my hair out*”im not sure but i could do some research and find out.” (i say this of course hoping theyll just say oh no its only a dollar, fat chance.)

    customer:”could you and get back to me with what you find out?”

    ok folks its a buck, just pay the damn thing!

    after hearing the level of stupidity jayn deals with daily i dont think i could do her job. nope, not for all the tea in china. 😛

  7. korashime

    Jayn is a class act, even when she’s getting short tempered you would never know it to listen to the show.

  8. Lilith

    What I wouldn’t give for a few more stupid questions, and a few less stupid job orders. The customer who wants 20 banquet servers last-minute on a Saturday night (considering that banquet servers are usually twenty-something party animals, who are either drunk or not home on a Saturday night!)? Riiiight, I can do that, suuuure. The customer who wants someone with a clean driving record to drive a truck and 4 workers to unload the truck, in an hour, when my office is desolate in the middle of the day when most of my workers have no phone numbers–and they don’t have vehicles _because_ they don’t have driver’s licenses! Sure, I’ll pull THAT out of my ass. Jerkoffs. *sniff*

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