Part of my original plan for this vacation week was to import some old original content I’d made for Tumblr years ago, specifically the text post meme and gifset stuff. Only to find… I’d already imported those things years ago. Like, the text post meme archive is a Gallery entry now, and I made a string of posts out of the James Burke gifsets. (Here’s the first archival entry.)

Way to go, Past!Me. Nicely done, have yourself a cup of cocoa as a reward.

Looking at those old James Burke posts specifically, though, I noticed a lot of weird character-encoding issues. I honestly don’t know what happened there, though I’m willing to bet “migrating from webserver to webserver over the course of decades” is involved somehow. At any rate, in the interests of making this site a bit less janky for folks who go trawling in the archives (yeah, that’s likely) I spent some time weeding out most of those stray UTF8 artifacts with some judicious search-and-replace in the database.

And people say I don’t know how to have fun.