I’m archiving the James Burke gifset project I posted to Tumblr years ago, since if Tumblr goes away I’ll have no record of what I did there, and this was really the only original content I posted.

I went through most of the episodes of The Day The Universe Changed and, later, the original Connections series, and made gifs for one or two bits from each one. Look, I had a gif-making program and an urge to do something ridiculously geeky with it. You know how it goes.

(No, I’m not going to post this whole disclaimer for each entry. You’ll figure it out.)

(9 Aug 2013)

“The whole monastic experience was a bit like jumping into bed and pulling the blankets over your head. It was a mystic experience. Unreal.” ”“ James Burke

So, I said I’d do more of these. Here’s the first effort in the proposed sequence of posts since I want to do one or two from each episode in order this time. (Which means, yes, I’ll repost the previous one when we get to that point. That episode is chock-full of goodies, don’t you worry.) I’d have done one before today but going through the first episode of the series I didn’t find anything I really wanted to use. That one’s a bit dry, a set-up episode before getting into the meat of the series proper.

This is from “In The Light Of The Above,” the second episode of The Day The Universe Changed.

(17 Aug 2013)

“And then, two of this radical bunch, called William and Thierry, did something that in the 12th century was absolutely unthinkable: They took the Bible apart. Thierry went around saying that Genesis was all wrong, that the world could not really have been created in six days because that wasn’t natural. And his mate, William, came right out and said that Eve hadn’t been made from one of Adam’s ribs because that’s not how people got made.” ”“ James Burke

I’m still getting the hang of these. If I go much more than 4 seconds on a clip, it’s hard to get the file size under Tumblr’s limit, never mind squeezing in all the text. (I learned from the previous set that I don’t really like breaking the text into different frames like I just did in the final frame here unless the gif really calls for it, like in the final frame here.) I almost just did the last two and used the text in the first four as the block quote but I decided that context was more important than laziness.

So, here you go, the second set from the second episode of The Day The Universe Changed. Next up: Point of View.