Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

I still call this thing a journal for some reason.

Way, way, way back in the distant reaches of time, I started a site under this domain to be a don’t-call-it-a-blog. Mostly I treated it like the way I now treat Twitter & Tumblr: Brief snippets of thought punctuated by memes. Or possibly the other way ’round. Then social media became a thing and I really let this site go to waste. I also created sub-sites, and sites on other domains, and what-have-you. Look, I clearly need adult supervision because every third time I visit Hover I end up buying a domain.

I’m not here to say “I’m back” or anything so absurd as that. I’ve tried that, it never worked out. I’m just here to give a bit of catch-up on various things:

One) I’m shelving the Mastodon experiment. It’s $20 per month of virtual private server expense with the folks over at Linode that was fun for a while but isn’t really doing anything for me anymore. I applaud the basic idea, I like a lot of the execution. Too bad that it’s basically just become yet another thing I check and don’t interact with. If I post, nobody responds… which is basically the same everywhere when you get right down to it. (Do I have the Internet equivalent of bad body odor or something? Twitter, Tumblr, Mastodon, this place, doesn’t matter. I’m shouting into the void.)

(Oh well. What else am I gonna do?)

Anyway. Nobody’s going to miss my little Mastodon server. And I can use that money to deal with…

Two) My venerable QNAP NAS (named QBAY because I’m an anime nerd) gave up the ghost this week. I no longer have a storage device. One drive died, I bought a replacement, then the QNAP decided that it doesn’t like any drives at all and has become mostly inoperative. Lucky for the household, it lasted just long enough to get key documents and media and what-not saved to a local drive on my computer. The replacement drive for the QNAP will become my new “big slow storage” drive. This will take me from a 1TB to a 3TB place to dump various-and-sundry files. Yay? I’d have preferred a working NAS but, whatever, I guess?

The loss of the QNAP means my webserver lost its backup target. (I used rsync to sync database backups and website files once per night.) I installed the SpiderOak ONE client for Linux today and configured it to handle that task. If I’m paying for SpiderOak ONE anyway, I might as well get more practical use out of it. Go, me!

I’m kind of circling the idea of leveraging my G Suite (née Google Apps) account to get a big chunk of “Google One” storage but there are issues with that idea, mainly centered on the fact that I already have SpiderOak ONE. While I’m here: What’s up with everything being “something ONE” now? Is it the fad again? (Disclaimer time, note that I work for a company whose name ends with One.) Anyway. I don’t really want Another Sync System so much as just a kind of… cloud drive that I access directly, I think. I’m still researching this mess.

Three) Last month, my employers initiated a huge change in how we manage our client networks, and I’m precisely at the center of the entire project. They assigned me a right hand man, which is good and he’s a good choice for the job, but in the end the decisions and execution for this whole shebang is on me. No pressure!

We have until the end of February to be all done. Okay… maybe some pressure!

Four) Home life is going moderately well, knock on wood. We’ve been in this apartment nearly four years now and are still quite pleased with our location & arrangements.

Five) I’m watching more anime and playing fewer video games nowadays. Maybe I’ll write up something about the current and recent seasons here. Good idea, yes?

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  1. Suzanne

    I read quite a few of your entries
    Had to learn how to find them
    Good work for my confused brain
    Thank you

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