This is it. It’s the last episode I crafted gifsets out of for Tumblr a few years ago. We’re all caught up.

There’s one more thing to archive off of that site but it can be done in a gallery and I’ll get to that, later…

(28 February 2016)

“You line it up North/South because it’s got a compass. Then you use these two sights here to draw a bead on the guns you want to destroy and you can see from the scale how many degrees they are away from North to one side as it were from you here. You then go down the road a known distance and do that again. And that comes down to some very simple geometry which used to do on their drum heads, like this.” – James Burke, Connections

Finally we get to one of my all-time favorite bits in any of the Connections and TDTUC episodes. Blah blah, geometry, whatever, and then: Oh yeah. Right. Here’s why war drove innovation, in a nutshell: You need a better way to do things, or the enemy kills you.

I had this one sketched out and almost ready to produce when I ran into a problem with my web/email server situation which required most of February’s free time in order to remedy. That’s over with, now, so here’s a fun snippet from “Countdown,” the penultimate episode of the original Connections series.

Next time, we’ll highlight another harsh look into our modern society, even more relevant now than it was when the show was recorded.

(6 March 2016)

“It’s ironic that the story of how television happened should have been told here, in Edison’s laboratory. Television tells us every day that we live in a world we don’t understand. And yet in the main it does very little to explain that world. It tells us of new products that make the products we have either old-fashioned or obsolete. Above all, if today we are aware of how fast the world around us is changing, it’s because television acts as a relentless reminder of that fact.” – James Burke, Connections

I started this run of Connections sets with kind of a heavy-message bit, and… here we are at (or toward) the end with another one. But boy howdy, just how on-the-nose can you get? How relevant for TODAY is this just-one-minute of television from THE LATE 1970s? Seriously.

This is in the last few minutes of the ninth episode (”Countdown”) of the original Connections series, and if this doesn’t make you stop and think about how Western civilization got to where we are today, I don’t know what will.

On a technical note: Yes, there’s an apostrophe not showing. It’s not missing because I know it’s there. I triple-checked the text when I told Instagiffer to do its thing, but the software simply decided not to show it in the resulting image. I have no idea why. I’m certainly not about to try coming up with a whole other way of making gifsets when I’m this close to the finish line.

On that note: The wrap-up episode, “Yesterday, Tomorrow and You” (no Oxford comma, shame shame), may or may not yield any workable bits. If not… well, ending this project the same weekend as the final Mythbusters episode airs isn’t too bad a way to go. We’ll see, though.