Between the previous post’s entries and what’s archived in this one, my computer crashed and I had to suss out all over again how I had put these gifsets together. I learned my lesson: I still have the notes file for what fonts, sizes, and software settings I used going forward…

(17 February 2015)

“The agreement goes on to say that John can use his discretion as to where and when he trades, on condition that when he gets back to Genoa, Otto gets detailed accounts and his share of the profits.” – James Burke, Connections

Yes, it’s been a while. Mainly this has to do with the main hard drive in my main computer dying, and finding out afterward that my backup software wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it was. And then, once I got everything back in order, I had to work up the enthusiasm to re-figure-out how this project was done. I think I’ve done well enough. We’ll see, I suppose.

We’re finally into “Faith In Numbers,” the fourth episode of the original Connections series. I hope you like the firebreather. And I hope I won’t keep you waiting quite so long for the second installment from this episode…

(3 March 2015)

“Until just after 1800, another weaver who happened to be here at the time was asked to put it together, and in doing so he made a few changes.” – James Burke, Connections

Another installment, another opportunity to use a “blank” image to round out the set. Yes, after many moons have passed, the fourth episode of Connections,“Faith in Numbers,” is finally posted.

This is part of a great theme in this series, actually, because it illustrates how one guy can get all the credit for simply revising and adapting something that others worked on for years beforehand. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was invented out of whole cloth by one guy by himself.

Whole cloth… almost made a weaving joke there. I should be more careful. Disaster could be…


At any rate, next time we’ll be taking a ride on the “Wheel of Fortune.” Stay tuned, won’t you?