The wide images definitely fit better on Tumblr’s format than they do here. Oh well! Archiving commences. (I’m burning through all of these in one evening, mind you.)

(30 September 2014)

“That was the Shakespearean version of this man, Henry V, talking about the day when everybody discovered that it was never gonna be the same again for the knight on horseback, at the battle of Agincourt in northern France, between Henry and the French, on the morning of October the 25th, 1415.” – James Burke, Connections

He means the Welsh longbow, which was the terror weapon of its day. Here’s our first set from episode three, “Distant Voices.” Later on, the medieval arms race will give way to the mad scientific scramble for what to do with electricity. Stay tuned, won’t you?

(4 December 2014)

“And what a bureaucracy. They pigeonholed everybody, and you stayed in your pigeonhole. I mean, you were a merchant, you saw a bit of technology, and you thought ‘ha, this will give me a lead over the other fella, I’ll rise in the world’? No way. You were not permitted to rise in the world. So you didn’t bother. No incentive, no change.” – James Burke, Connections

I know, it’s been a couple months. Part of it was waiting to see how the new image size hullabaloo on Tumblr would shake out (it hasn’t, really) and part of it was life being its usual chaotic interfering… thing.

At any rate, now we’ve finished off the third episode of Connections, titled “Distant Voices.” And yes, astute observers will note that I ran the last two gifs out of order. I couldn’t pass up the chance to use that look to the side James gives, there. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say I didn’t want him looking left when the next image would normally have ended up to the right.

Artistic license, see.

I’ll try not to make the wait for episode four, “Faith in Numbers,” quite so excruciatingly long. Honest!