Both of these were posted on the same day… kind of. The first was actually my original “trial balloon” months earlier, but archived here is the “official” entry…

(27 Nov 2013)

“The Earth moves, although the Bible says it doesn’t. It’s no longer at the center of God’s universe, although the Bible says it is. It’s a planet, so Heaven and Earth are no longer separate. And Aristotle is wrong, though Church authority depends on Aristotle being right.” – James Burke

Here we go, shamelessly reposting the gifset which started this little project in the first place. Arguably the best hour of the run, “Infinitely Reasonable” is the fifth episode of The Day The Universe Changed.

Why the long delay? I’ve been hunkered down all November on a serialized-story writing project, using NaNoWriMo as a motivational tool. It hasn’t left much time for watching videos and making gifsets. I haven’t even been playing video games. (Much.)

For the second set out of this episode I’ll actually have to come up with something new. No more slacking… but I already know who James will be talking about in our next installment. If you start with Copernicus, you almost have to end with Galileo, don’t you?

(27 Nov 2013)

“Even then, Galileo might have managed to keep things sweet, had it not been for one breakfast time when his boss’s wife, the Duchess of Tuscany, asked a friend of his if all of this didn’t mean that when the Bible said ‘the Earth stood still,’ it was wrong.” – James Burke

At least I didn’t make everyone wait for another few weeks for the followup to a gifset that was itself a repost of an existing giftset I’d made months previously. Ahem.

Now, let’s be clear: There’s a certain amount of dramatic license being taken here with the story of Galileo’s discoveries and subsequent incarceration by the Church. (Burke’s shows are meant to encourage new ways of thinking about history, not necessarily to give 100% factual details. Your mileage may vary.) The scene immediately after this, however, points out that contrary to the common version of these events that we learned in school, the Church went out of its way not to clap him in irons right away. But Galileo wouldn’t, or couldn’t, keep his mouth shut, and so… house arrest, and all that followed.

This completes the pair of gifsets for “Infinitely Reasonable,” the fifth episode of The Day The Universe Changed. Next up? Nothing much… just a little thing known as The Industrial Revolution…