I’m spacing these Tumblr gifset archival posts out day by day, but not at a particular time. Hey, at least it’s more stuff on the ol’ journal/blog/thingy, right?

(21 Sept 2013)

“Okay, first, you think of an ordinary house. Then you walk through it in your mind, putting in bizarre reminders of what it is you want to remember.” – James Burke

And this is why the “mental cathedral” bit in one of the BBC Sherlock episodes didn’t faze me. Since my memory is positively atrocious, however, I doubt I could pull off even a “mental garden shed.”

From the fourth episode of The Day The Universe Changed, “Matter of Fact,” about the transition from oral traditions to the printed word.

(17 Oct 2013)

“In 1556, [Sir William] Moore was a rare example of a short-lived phenomenon: The man who, because of printing, could know everything, because it was collected here for him to reach out and take.” – James Burke

It’s hard to grasp just how profoundly Gutenberg’s contraption changed Western civilization. And this completes our selections from the fourth episode of The Day The Universe Changed, “Matter of Fact.”

Sorry about the delay on these; I had a business trip last week, the preparation for which burned up a lot of my energies the couple weeks beforehand. I also got stuck on which bit out of the back half of one of the most dense episodes to use. As it is, this one wouldn’t quite slice into few enough neat enough bits for my liking. Ah well, here we are nonetheless.