So far I’ve made a point of changing things up from week to week. I now find myself writing about my third medieval-type fantasy story setting in a row, however…

What is it?

Snow White with the Red Hair is a 24-episode (or so) anime series based on a manga.

What kind of story is it?

You know how it goes: Boy meets girl. Boy makes incredibly offensive and inappropriate overture to girl. Girl runs away from home and leaves the country to avoid boy. Girl meets new boy. Boy howdy are they a match, or what?

This guy. Can he make an entrance, or can he?

What follows is an adorable slow-burn mating dance between the girl who wants to be an herbalist and the boy who wants to take charge of his own future as a head of state.

Why do you like it?

This is another one of those shows where you just can’t help but root for the protagonists. They’re such earnest and good people! The two leads are adorable, the surrounding characters are marvelous, and it’s just warm fuzzies all ’round. Much like with Mouretsu Pirates, the drama is present but not gloomy. You know things are mostly going to work out okay. There’s very little grimdark about this story.

Shirayuki in a nutshell: Hope, wonder, and determination.

Zen, the prince, and Shirayuki, the herbalist-in-training, are at their best when they have a job to do. When a situation arises where their skillsets can directly complement one another’s, things get done. When they need help they have some of the most capable allies on hand to get things even more done.

What might one not like about it?

Yes, this is another low-stakes light-and-cheery affair. Those craving deep meaning and bloody conflicts and dire consequences will need to seek elsewhere.

In a grimmer, darker show, this guy would’ve been sliced up for fish bait instead of given a redemption arc.

Snow White isn’t the highest-budget production you’ll ever see. They use cost-saving measures quite a bit, and you’ll notice. Heck, even I noticed, and I’m not good at spotting such things. For instance: There are some… unfortunate… scenes of people on horseback. I may have exclaimed something to the effect of “horses don’t work that way” on occasion.

Other thoughts about it?

The show does interesting things with one of its heroes and its initial villain. Both of them are, in their own way, enthralled with Shirayuki. (This could have been a “reverse harem” situation if only a few things were changed.) I like how these relationships are handled; in both cases they become fully aware that they don’t really stand a chance against Prince Zen, and it’s just… not an issue, past a certain point.

Two dashing and loyal retainers. And… Obi.

Where can I watch it?

This is another case where Funimation hasn’t handed over the files to Crunchyroll yet, so it’s still available for streaming on Funi’s service.