Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Government As Sportsball

This, folks, is what happens when your government is run almost exactly like a sportsball league, right down to the corporate sponsorships. It’s all “us versus them,” and “we” can only “win” when “they” are made to “lose.” And the fans are cheering, rah rah rah, in the stands while the nitty gritty details of, you know, trying to run the country are smashed flat and squashed into the muddy grass.

Congratulations, America, this is the government you voted for. Not that you were given much choice.

What truly infuriates me about this even above-and-beyond the “I know people who are directly buggered by this” factor is that there are people delighted by this outcome because it somehow “proves” something. Hell, the only thing worse than this giant ridiculous pileup at the line of scrimmage is on those few occasions when the corporate backers convince both teams to run in the same direction…


  1. Da Wolfie

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: we need to fire congress. Out of a railgun.

  2. sis

    All I’ve got to say on this is that…blah….I may have been saved from feeling much of the effects of this for the time being (due to Mr. Hagel) but it’s aggrivating to see a whole bunch of little boys in a pissing contest and screwing over millions of people in the process.

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