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Goodbye, 2011

Perhaps letting an entire month go by without a post isn’t the best way to end the year, so let’s do this instead:

I choose here not to excoriate the year we leave behind. Yes, much of it sucked, but regurgitating the reasons won’t help anybody. Instead, I’m focusing on what’s good in my life.

  • My loves, who keep me going when nothing else can.
  • My children, who make me so proud I can’t even describe it.
  • My job, that pays the bills, even if just barely.
  • My friends, offline and on, who laugh at my jokes, however terrible they may be.
  • My library of books and music, which help me forget the real world for a while.
  • My stack of games, which can be played with family and friends to bring amusement to the household.
  • My growing collection of ducks, which I use to entertain a couple dozen folks on the Internet every week.

I’ve had a particularly rough time of things lately, hence the lack of writing output. There are plans to improve things somewhat, but I’ve also never been good at making & carrying out plans, so… we’ll see.

Here’s to 2012. May it go better for us all.

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