You know, I was doing so well at the posting thing… back in November. I don’t know what happened this month! Well, okay, I know some things that happened…

  • On the 6th we went to our company’s holiday party, held for the second year running at Uptown Billiards. This is the first year that Kyla and I were actually able to go, thanks to a delightful lack of Snowpocalypse this time. I shot a few games of pool, watched others lose money at the card table, noshed on many more delectable lemon tarts than I ought, and generally had a good time.
  • My holiday shopping was completed by December 12th this year. I’m very, very happy about this. (Now, my holiday wrapping, on the other hand… well. Er.)
  • We “enjoyed” one hell of a cold snap the week of the 6th… and my roomie took most of that week off from work, so I was on the train each direction. It wasn’t fun, but I managed okay… except for the morning that I was stupid enough to forget adding a sweater to my bundle-up layers. Whoops. See, Hillsboro is always several degrees colder than downtown Portland, and it’s a 15-minute walk from train station to office… ugh. Still: It beats suffering another Snowpocalypse.
  • Among all of the buying neat things for friends and loved ones, I did sneak in a purchase just for me: A Logitech G110 “gaming” keyboard for my main computer. Now, don’t think I bought it because the keys light up (blue, red, or purple). I bought it for the anti-ghosting, and because reviews indicated that among gaming keyboards, it’s the one which still functions reasonably well as a regular keyboard, something at which many of the “gaming” rigs seem to fail utterly. Oh, and it wasn’t hideously expensive, either.
  • I love knowing that my kids are going to love their presents. Sometimes, being Dad is awesome.

Now, let’s see if I can stay on top of this “journal” thing I’m supposed to be doing…