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Rusty, the Not-Rubber Duck

Only one post a week so far this month? I’ll have to see what I can do about that… aided by a birthday present from Dad: He gave me his “old” Pentax *ist DL camera! My “price” for this boon is that Dad wants pics of his grandkids and June wants pics of the cats I live with. I didn’t have working batteries by the time Erica visited Saturday afternoon and my attempts to snapshot the kitties didn’t turn out so well, but I did get one semi-decent photograph yesterday while trying to get the hang of using a “real” camera again.

Meet Rusty. I picked him up a few months ago at one of the local knick-knack shops on NE Broadway. I’m not sure why someone decided to make a bunch of cast-iron “rubber ducks,” but who am I to complain? He’ll probably figure prominently in the upcoming photography project since he’s unlikely to get blown out of frame by an errant breeze…

(I should go back and see if the shop has more of them, ’cause I wouldn’t be surprised if Wonderduck wants one. Heh.)

(Also: Pay no mind to the layer of dust upon my desk. Ahem.)

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  1. Wonderduck

    Hell yes I want one!

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