Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

Two Point Five

My hosted server rebooted spontaneously some time around 7am Pacific Time. I’m not absolutely certain but I believe that this has to do with DNS problems at the hosting facility causing massive churn in the mail processing chain. Infinity Internet is still working on the problems (it looks like a complex cascade-failure situation, partly resolved as of this writing) and Duckpond is ticking along on a borrowed nameserver setting.

To torture-test the newly-restarted machine, I decided to upgrade greyduck.net to WordPress 2.5. So far only one of the important plugins gave me any trouble, and that was remedied with a one-minute hack to the plugin code. (The LJ crossposter, if you’re wondering.) Almost all of the updates seem to be in the admin interface and the backend code, not in the frontend or the database structure itself.

The admin interface looks very different, it’s true. I don’t actively dislike it, and I’ll probably get used to it. Such is the way of things.

Every time I do one of these upgrades I think about getting a new theme. Is now the time, do you figure?


  1. Lisa

    Yup, time for a new theme!

  2. Kylanath

    Only if you find one that is better than this one *snerk*

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