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Annoying New Comment Spam Trick

Well, this is amusing. And by “amusing” I mean “annoying and frustrating,” of course.

A while back I posted an entry containing a music selection. Several comments were made at the time, and then life moved on. This is all normal so far. This morning, however, I saw two new comment notifications in my mailbox for that entry… and one of them looked really familiar.

It should have, since it was Kyla’s comment exactly, repeated by someone claiming to be “GoDaddy” using GoDaddy’s support email address. The next comment from them was a few characters of gibberish… which got approved because the previous comment was approved, probably because it looked identical (from the spam filter’s perspective) to an existing comment.

So, yes, I deleted them both and marked the gibberish comment as spam. I just hope this isn’t the new trend. I have enjoyed a couple years’ worth of peace and quiet on the spam-fighting front and don’t want to go back to the bad old days of playing whack-a-mole.

Hell of a way to start my Friday, let me tell ya.


  1. The Cyberwolfe

    That’s right up there with the pingbacks I’ve been getting lately.

  2. karawynn

    … which is one reason why i’m so glad right now that the only site i moderate anymore is private to fewer than a dozen people … NO SPAM EVER!

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