A few months ago I decided that in the interests of making my tiny, uncomfortable workspace just a wee bit more ergonomic I’d pick up a trackball for my main computer. I used to love trackballs back in the day! I’ve had a couple of Kensington devices, and so forth. And no, I cannot use those Logitech “thumb-ball” things, never mind my general dislike for the Logi brand nowadays.

I spent a few days reading and researching and price-checking and such before settling on a Japanese brand name, ELECOM. (And that’s the last time I’m doing their preferred stylized all-caps presentation in this post.) Between the various offerings, such as the “Huge” and the “Bitra” and so forth, I settled on the “Deft Pro” which seemed like the best compromise between size and cost and general ergonomics. It arrived early in November.

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