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Silly Things To Do With Video Editing

I’m working on a tour video for our three-person co-op Satisfactory game. I recorded the footage Tuesday night. (We took the week off for various reasons, so I used that time to let the Space Elevator shipment production accumulate a bit.) For lack of anything better to do and not wanting to actually Do Game Stuff without the others, I started a video project.

Last night I completed the editing-down. Tonight I started the text overlay process, and decided I’d take this chance to learn something new (to me) in DaVinci Resolve: How to pin text to an object on the screen. Tracking, in other words.

It’s a learning process, but for the sake of this one joke I feel like it was worth it:

Yes, I used that garish color combination on purpose. I mean, why not?

Mind you, I could have used a fancier method and achieved smoother, better-looking results. But for a quick throw-away joke? It’s fine.

Hopefully I’ll have the full tour video up by the weekend.

A Year In Review (Of Blogging)

I really don’t use this place much. But it’s getting better!

Prior to this year, January 2021 was a high-water mark out of most of the previous decade, with a whopping tally of five entire posts… and every one of those was about Satisfactory. (Yes, I love that game. Still do.)

One of my “resolutions” going into 2022 was to make more and better use of this thing. At least I’ve done “more,” not sure about “better.” In January of this year I managed 17 posts, which isn’t quite more than all of 2021 combined… but not that far off, either. (And I refuse to tally up previous years because it’ll probably depress me with how far ahead that single month’s tally will prove to be versus any number of entire individual years.) Most of the rest of this year I wrote six or seven posts in a month, with a couple of lower counts along the way for various reasons.

If I can keep at the habit I’ll achieve quantity again, if not actual quality, and that’s something to celebrate. No joke, I actually feel good looking at the improved output for this year on this site. I did something I said I wanted to do! Intent paired with follow-through! Imagine that.

To be sure, it helps that Twitter’s a deteriorating mess now that The Emerald Scion has taken over and seems hellbent on “lithobraking” that bird as fast as he can. On the other hand, I transitioned over to my new Mastodon instance just fine without abandoning the blog, so… go me! (Also, hey, one of the improvements made here recently involved adding the RSS feed of my fediverse output to the blog’s sidebar. The miracles of modern technology, eh?)

Plans for the future? Keep at the pace, such as it is, and keep going with what works, which means you’re almost certainly going to see more Satisfactory content, more silly videos, and what-not.

Here’s to 2023 sucking less, if at all possible.

In Search Of A Trackball – Elecom Deft Pro

A few months ago I decided that in the interests of making my tiny, uncomfortable workspace just a wee bit more ergonomic I’d pick up a trackball for my main computer. I used to love trackballs back in the day! I’ve had a couple of Kensington devices, and so forth. And no, I cannot use those Logitech “thumb-ball” things, never mind my general dislike for the Logi brand nowadays.

I spent a few days reading and researching and price-checking and such before settling on a Japanese brand name, ELECOM. (And that’s the last time I’m doing their preferred stylized all-caps presentation in this post.) Between the various offerings, such as the “Huge” and the “Bitra” and so forth, I settled on the “Deft Pro” which seemed like the best compromise between size and cost and general ergonomics. It arrived early in November.

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