Three years ago, my employers left the Kaseya remote management system behind and migrated to ConnectWise Automate (formerly known as LabTech before the CW juggernaut bought it up, along with a variety of other acquisitions). While there are large benefits to being on this new system, such as not having been part of a gigantic supply-chain malware attack, we do miss a few things from the Kaseya system. Kaseya’s agent status indicators were far superior to Automate’s indicators, its agent software installed and updated far more reliably than Automate’s does, the agent software could be removed via the remote management system, and Kaseya featured a built-in staging share function.

We used the heck out of that share system, mostly for patches but also for other kinds of software deployment. We’ve just kind of gone without that functionality in the years since, but every so often we lament the loss and wonder if there’s a solution.

So this month I’ve started building one. In the stupendously unlikely event that another Automate admin is looking to do something like this, here are the building blocks I’ve put together.

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