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Month: February 2019

And that’s enough of that.

I’ve gotten about all the entertainment value I’m likely to get out of the story-beats part of this year’s writing project. The prospect of churning out another 30-some-odd installments fills me with dread.

I’ll do the other eleven book reviews, so at least the site’s guaranteed to have one piece of content per month, eh?

3WA 2019 #6: Scene 05

This bit has been bouncing around in my head since I came up with the idea for the storyline I’m plucking bits out of for the project. Please enjoy!

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3WA 2019 #5: Scene 04

I hope you liked last week’s book review. Don’t worry: In three more weeks you’ll get another one. In the meantime, please enjoy another from a growing selection of tidbits from a story never to be completed or see print…

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