Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

I expect to be haunted by Enzo Ferrari’s ghost now.

I’m not sure how to feel about assembling LEGO doodads as a creative outlet. All I’m doing is following instructions. On the other hand, if I take a lot of photos and write a snarky blog post about it… yeah, here we go then.

Before I even opened the box I noted that somebody paid somebody else, probably quite a lot, for the right to have their brand associated with another brand:

LEGO Speed Champions box with Ferrari licensed product sticker.

I’m amused that the main chassis piece is the only part which didn’t come in one of the plastic bags. Also, the instructions took up about 50 pages of booklet. To be fair, though, this was the least confusing set of their instructions I’ve yet followed. (I had a few problems with the Mini Cooper build.)

A box, a booklet, and several bags of LEGO parts.

Good on them, making the driver minifig represent a woman. I suppose if I’d put the helmet on you couldn’t tell, which… probably one could assign some meaning to if they were a cleverer fellow than myself. Anyway: Nicely done, LEGO.

LEGO minifig of the Ferrari driver in front of the box art.

Thanks to my experience with the Mini Cooper and even more thanks to the clear instructions, the build came along quite nicely at first.

Partially assembled LEGO vehicle.

Everything changed when the sticker sheet attacked.

A partially assembled LEGO car partially covered with stickers.

Eventually, the assembled bits of plastic started to look like the car on the box and in the instructions, as long as one didn’t look too closely at how badly I guessed which edges of the blocks to align the stickers to. I am so, so bad at stickers. Somehow this thing had more stickers than the Mini Cooper, which is much larger!

The main body of the Ferrari LEGO car is mostly assembled.

Why didn’t they just do as they did with that dashboard piece? It has the gauge sticker already in place! Of course nobody’s ever going to notice it in the finished product, but hooray for attention to detail. Big thumbs down for making me apply all those other stickers, though.

A LEGO Ferrari, sans wheels and a few other bits.

My first half-dozen attempts to get a picture of the final product with my phone’s camera turned out horribly. After reviewing those disastrous results, I remembered that I have a dSLR in my backpack. So here’s the final result:

The completed LEGO Ferrari race car, with driver.

Not a bad way to spend an hour or so, really. Maybe I’ll do this again some time. There are certainly more LEGO boxes in my closet, as yet unassembled…


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  1. Suzanne

    Remember the collection of Lego builds you had on your upper bunk in Concrete Washington?

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