Someone else got a package in the mail today. Lucky for me, inside that package was another package with my name on it. What’s inside, you ask? A pair of CD-ROM discs, one for each of my Entercom-network Netware servers.

So here it is, 8pm Tuesday night and I’m running service pack installs. They said they wanted it done ASAP, and this is about as ASAP as it gets.

Another thing I did today was to (finally!) put together a spreadsheet detailing which Linux boxes have what version of the different daemons and services. This will help to deal with those security alerts and what-not. For instance, this was my chance to upgrade to proftpd 1.2.5rc1 to deal with a security hole in previous releases. (I actually dialed down proftpd on a couple of machines… no point!)

If all goes well (and there’s no reason why it should) I could be home in a couple of hours.
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