Every now and then I remember to check under the hood of this thing. I mean, sure, I make sure everything’s patched & current, I check every day on the backup logs, that sort of thing. Based on a sudden urge to find out if I could add a Mastodon feed to the sidebar, however, I ended up cleaning out some legacy cruft.

No, seriously: The widgets I replaced were marked “Legacy” this and “Legacy” that.

And then I ran into the fact that the new(ish) non-Legacy version of the Categories widget… lacks a title option. You know, the bit that says “Categories” at the top? The fix for that turns out to be putting the categories widget into a Widget Group and putting the title on that.

A group of one. Nice design work there, WP folks!

Anyway, I got that sorted out, added the RSS sidebar widget for my “fediverse” presence, and even got really under the hood and cleared out some old software versions on the server itself. Not bad for an hour’s random effort based on a silly whim.