I’m relieved, mostly. Not because I think that there’s some kind of monumental, fundamental shift in the life of the world going on because of tonight’s elections, but because I’m getting what I wanted: A chance to see if some of the worst abuses from the last few years can be turned around just a bit. There’ll still be screwups. They’re all politicians, after all. At least there’s a chance that I won’t want to cringe and/or beat my head against the wall every time the new guy speaks. That counts for a lot.

I debated breaking my non-posting streak for this, especially since it’s going to be completely lost in the post-election noise, but I figured that I should get my meager thoughts down for posterity. This is supposed to be my journal, after all.

So. I’m glad. I’m relieved.

Now, can all of you jokers honking your horns along MLK please give it up? I’d like to get some sleep.