Looking For Quacks In The Pavement

I didn’t expect it, just as they say.

This sort of thing may not be why I love my job, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

I did something nice, and promptly, for the folks in the KGON studio. A few minutes later, this appeared on my desk!

Okay, so sure, I already had the first season on DVD. Er, and let’s not dwell on the fact that I also got that for free from the, er, radio station, albeit a few years ago. One also shouldn’t dwell on the fact that it was only available to plunk down on my desk because they ended up not giving it away to a listener. But dammit, I’ve been drooling over DVDs of the entire series for years, and that’s no small chunk of change, so I’m hardly one to quibble over insignificant details.

So, it’s true. Nobody, and I mean nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. I sure as hell didn’t!


  1. Mari

    Wow, that is mighty impressive 🙂 Sometimes, going to work and doing your job really IS worth it *grin* I ought to try that sometime 😀

  2. BtFR

    You know Duck, if you are REALLY having a problem with sorting out your feelings on accepting such a gift, I will be happy to take it off your hands and ease your mind.

  3. Rosekitten

    oh my….that is nice…and you have to remember, they didn’t have to give it to you…I remember how it works…

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