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Would Ya Lookit That

In preparation for a particular event coming next month, a bit of shopping was in order. My old camera, the one which served the Quacked Panes effort so well, has gotten too cantankerous and difficult to deal with. (Mapping & blacking out the increasing number of “hot pixels” is a serious chore.) So… we went out and picked up a modest but nifty little point-and-shoot camera. It isn’t as professional and fancy as the old Pentax but it does a decent job. I mean, look at this:

Handheld, no digital zoom, taken while standing just outside the office building.

I’ve never taken that good a shot of the Moon before today. And I haven’t even dialed in the feature settings, that’s just on full “auto.” Hey, how about a nice early morning shot of some public transit hardware?

Yep, I was just another camera geek standing on a MAX platform.

Yeah. This’ll do nicely.

The Finished Product

It was pointed out (rightly) that I left off an important part of the build presentation: a picture of the completed model. Allow me to remedy that!


All things considered, it’s a neat little model. Not sure if I want to do another build like this one any time soon, though…

The Riveting Adventure Of The Grey Quaggan

Kyla loves the Guild Wars 2 MMO game. I mean, I like it too, but she likes and plays the game far, far more than I do. Which is fine, it’s good to have something fun to do.

In the game, one of the fantastical races are called Quaggans. They’re sort of little aquatic blobs with funny voices. Kyla bought herself a purple plush one to add to the stuffed-critter menagerie in the apartment.

Guess who received a grey quaggan for Christmas?

So, last weekend she took the Amtrak Cascades northward to visit folks for a post-Christmas kind of thing, leaving me alone. Well, alone if you don’t count the new grey quaggan, along with all the other stuffed what-have-yous.

GreyQuagganBoardGameI took this as an opportunity to post a silly little photo series on Instagram, which I’ve replicated for posterity in this gallery. Enjoy, won’t you?

Gundam It All

You know those time lapse things I’ve been doing? Here’s something a bit more along the lines of what I’m really hoping to do with the technology. (Well, that and a lot more cloud shows. Because seriously. Clouds!)

Let’s be clear: I am not a skilled model assembler by any stretch of the imagination. (The less said about that chest sticker, the better.) But “doing things on camera” like this amuses me, so expect more of it as I find more things to do along these lines…

Not a bad start to the day, not in the least

I walked out the door this morning, backpack on my shoulder and trash bag in hand. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I looked to the East to see what kind of sunrise we were getting.



Yeah, that wasn’t too shabby. Then I turned toward the dumpsters and looked up to see… This.


No, but seriously.


I tell you what: Hillsboro Oregon gives fantastic sky, sometimes.

Thyme Laps Video

I bought a new tablet. I installed Lapse It Pro onto the tablet, and this afternoon the clouds were rather pretty and scudding across the blue sky quite nicely and… this happened:


Not bad, eh? Now, for this video I basically just propped the tablet up on top of one of the living room bookshelves, opened the window, started the recording and walked away for an hour or so.

And walked back, and walked away, and walked back, and finally decided I should go play a game or something for a while because otherwise I was going to be tempted to tinker with things while the recording progressed. Ahem.

I’m hoping to do more like this, but I’m mostly looking (once the tripod mount arrives) at doing some time lapse “build” videos, such as for assembling one of the very small Gundam models whose boxes have been collecting dust for a couple years now. (A devoted modeler I am not, apparently.)

Why not use the Pentax? Because I don’t want to assemble these videos from a pile of raw images by hand, that’s why. The additional expense of shutter timer equipment is also a factor.

So here we are. A guy needs a hobby, right? It’s not so much about the Gundam model as it is about what kind of video I can make out of the process of building the model…


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