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James Burke – Countdown

This is it. It’s the last episode I crafted gifsets out of for Tumblr a few years ago. We’re all caught up.

There’s one more thing to archive off of that site but it can be done in a gallery and I’ll get to that, later…

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James Burke – Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

This episode features one of the most famous bits from the entire Connections run, so of course I had to gif it…

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James Burke – The Long Chain

Don’t say I never got you anything for the holiday.

What’s that? You didn’t ask for old Tumblr gifsets? Whoops. Sorry about that…

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James Burke – Thunder In The Skies

We’re getting close to the end of this, folks…

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James Burke – The Wheel of Fortune

The Tumblr posts I’m archiving here for the James Burke gifset project were mostly created back at the old townhouse. From here on out, though, they were produced at the Hillsboro abode…

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James Burke – Faith In Numbers

Between the previous post’s entries and what’s archived in this one, my computer crashed and I had to suss out all over again how I had put these gifsets together. I learned my lesson: I still have the notes file for what fonts, sizes, and software settings I used going forward…

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