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Oct 28


My mother was big into all kinds of things when Sis and I were kids. She had an on again, off again relationship with playing the flute (usually to Jethro Tull) for instance. At one point her big fascination was horses. She rode horses, she owned a horse or two, she traded a lovely souped-up …

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Jan 23

Dervish D.

If I keep this up, January 2013 will see more posts here than any two months in 2012 put together… At any rate. The last song to come up in Poweramp on my tablet last night (why pay for a separate MP3 player when I have LG Tone headphones and a nice big tablet?) was… …

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Dec 21

Wake Me Up When December Ends

You know, I was doing so well at the posting thing… back in November. I don’t know what happened this month! Well, okay, I know some things that happened… On the 6th we went to our company’s holiday party, held for the second year running at Uptown Billiards. This is the first year that Kyla …

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Oct 11

Aquarium Trip, September 2007

Kyla and I took a long weekend back in September, planned well in advance for the specific purpose of taking Alex and Erica out to the coast for a tour of the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. (Who did they have to kill to nab “”, anyway?). The kids and I had been there before, …

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Feb 08

The Great Olive And Mushroom Pizza Debacle

While reminiscing about the arcade of my youth (Lindsey’s Drive In, Brewster, Washington) I remembered this little story that I haven’t yet committed to journal… In those early years after moving to middle-of-nowhere, Washington state, our little family spent a lot of time with Mom’s mother and stepfather, probably because they had a reasonable amount …

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Dec 21

May 18, 1980

With all of the rumbling and recent steam coming from that sawed-off mountain to the north of Portland, maybe this is a good time to tell the story of my experiences during The Big One. I was only eight years old; my sister, not yet three. Mom was dating a guy who owned two Ford …

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