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Month: September 2022

Tualatin Hills Nature Park – Ch-ch-ch-changes

On an absolute last-second whim, I headed out this afternoon to take a hike around one of my favorite nearby attractions, the Tualatin Hills Nature Park. It’s just two stops away via MAX light rail, but between the pandemic and everything else I just haven’t made it over there in a couple of years.

This is what the entryway to the bridge over the creek bed from the MAX station park entrance looked like in 2018.
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How My Life Goes: A Brief Example

At 2:38pm Pacific time, I emailed Honeywell’s support folks requesting any available tracking info for the replacement AC unit, since I hadn’t heard back from them since the previous Thursday when they agreed to the warranty replacement.

At 2:41pm Pacific time, a quick tap on the door to the apartment heralded the arrival of the replacement AC unit, thus rendering the email I’d just sent absolutely pointless.

Now imagine a lifetime full of this sort of thing and you begin to understand why I feel so emotionally tired all of the time.

About that new AC unit

August 15th, a Monday. We took possession of the AC unit I’d spent an untidy sum of money on to replace the previous AC that went kaput.

September 1st, a Thursday, a mere two and a half weeks later, I cut the power cord and emailed Honeywell Support a photo to prove I’d done so. This was the last step in getting them to ship me a replacement unit under warranty, since this one had developed a worrying and occasionally rather loud rattling noise within days of going into service.

So here we are, another 90F+ day ahead, and we’re short an AC unit.


For an unspecified amount of time.


I am so, so tired of everything.

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