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May 18

Lacking In Blue Öyster Cult

And right there in the subject line of this post you’ll find my major gripe with the new “Godzilla” movie, if you can call it a gripe. They played it straight, it does what it says on the tin, it clocks in at two hours instead of nearly-three, and the biggest kaiju fan I know …

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May 06

Iron Man 3

The lovely Kylanath and I went to see “Iron Man 3” yesterday afternoon. While I generally liked the overall effect of the movie and many bits thereof, I find myself with some serious thoughts that bear jotting down. The short version is: If you haven’t seen it, and you liked the first movie and/or the …

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Jan 02

Ten Films I Love Best As Of This Writing

Inspired by a Twitter discussion, here’s a list of 10 favorite films, not necessarily in order of importance or quality, as of right now, subject to revision when someone jogs my memory of something even better that I’d forgotten seeing but somehow actually loved even more than anything already here, and this sentence may have …

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Nov 26

Skyfall Thoughts: The Spoilers Edition

In that last post I tried to avoid spoilers, in case folks didn’t want to run out and watch the movie on opening weekend, dealing with the crowds, and so forth. This time I’m going to positively wallow in them, after the break. You’ve been warned.

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Nov 12

James Bond: Skyfall

After a refresher course consisting of watching “Casino Royale” on DVD the night before, the delightful Kylanath and I took in “Skyfall” at the theater on Sunday afternoon. I found myself with so many thoughts that it actually nudged me out of my writerly doldrums enough to craft a journal post to contain them. First …

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May 05

First Weekend Of May 2008

Hey, it’s a weekend catch-up post! We haven’t done one of these in a while… Friday: Lil’ shouldn’t be allowed into Best Buy unsupervised. I don’t count, as I’m not a very good supervisor. Then again, I did get the BSG miniseries DVD out of it (since she doesn’t need it anymore). I’m also a …

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