Transgenerational humor! Ghost stories! Revelations! Shenanigans! Find out what’s up with Sasami and Tsunami.

Noboyuki: Well, well.
Yosho: Hmm, this is quite a mess.
Ryoko: We’re going to stay in this dump?
Tenchi: Um, now who was it that trashed the place, Ryoko?
Ryoko: Gee, aren’t you sweet.
  Old Lady: Thanks for making the long trip over here, folks.
Noboyuki: Thanks for inviting us… er.
  Old Lady: Here you go! Get to work!
Yosho: We should probably do what she says.
  Old Lady: Damned straight.
Washuu: Excuse me, what’s my assignment?
  Old Lady: You’re new, aren’t you?
Washuu: Yes. How do you do? My name is Washuu, oh greatly respected one.
  Old Lady: So young and so polite. I don’t intend to make children do any work, so you’re excused.
Ryoko: Washuu! I can’t believe she got away with that. Now we know the real reason she stays in that youthful body. Grr.
  Old Lady: Noboyuki, you told me there were eight. I see one more.
Noboyuki: Huh?
  Old Lady: I could swear… oh, nevermind. I’m sure it’s not a mysterious plot point or anything.
Yosho: She’s starting to see things. Watch out!
  Old Lady: Now get to work!
  Tenchi Gang: Yes, ma’am.
Washuu: Sasami… Sasami? Hmm, right in the middle of my botany lecture too. I wonder where she got to.
Noboyuki: This must be what she had in mind all along when she invited us over.
Yosho: You think?
Noboyuki: You were excited about coming here too.
Yosho: You said what?
Noboyuki: Er, nothing! *bang* Oooowww!
Yosho: Klutz. *bang* Oooowww!
Tenchi: Boneheads.
Yosho: Hey Tenchi, look!
Yosho: Now who’s a bonehead? *snicker*
Aeka: Let’s debate the relative merits of our differing potato-peeling styles, Ryoko.
Ryoko: Yes, lets. Grr.
Aeka: Grr.
Mihoshi: Settle down, you two. I may be a ditz but even I know you should only argue over things that actually matter. Isn’t my basket of potatoes lovely, by the way?
Aeka: What was that?
Ryoko: Don’t look at me.
Aeka: Sasami, was that you just now? Did you see anyone else in the hallway?
Sasami: No, Aeka, I didn’t. But I need to tell you someth–
Ryoko: Aeka, what was it?
Aeka: Nothing, Ryoko! Sasami, you were saying?
Sasami: Um, nothing, really. No burning secrets, nope. I’ll just be going now.
Noboyuki: Um… did you see that?
Ryoko: We saw it, Tenchi. A ghostlike figure walking the halls.
Tenchi: You’re just trying to scare me, right?
Aeka: No, actually. Besides, would I get into a scheme like that with Ryoko? Really now.
Mihoshi: Stop it, I can’t stand this!
*smoke billows*
Tenchi: Grandpa!
Yosho: Listen, and I’ll tell you a ghost story. It has nothing to do with the foreshadowing, of course, but I’ve gotta get my kicks somehow in this series.
Noboyuki: Don’t mind me, I’m just the special-effects flunky.
  Old Lady: Hey!
  Tenchi/Mihoshi/Ryoko/Aeka: Waaah!
  Old Lady: Back to work! Breaktime’s over.
Tenchi: But, but, the ghost lady…
  Old Lady: Not THAT story again.
Yosho: *snicker*
Tenchi: When will they ever grow up? But what is it everyone is seeing, then?
*clank* *crash*
Tenchi: Mwwaaaaaah! *scamper* *splash*
Aeka: Tenchi! Sheesh, I’m bathing, albeit inexplicably at night with the lights off!
Tenchi: *gurgle*
Ryoko: You’ve seen it?
Tenchi: *nodding*
Washuu: Where, exactly?
Tenchi: *point*
  Girls: Waaaaah!
Noboyuki: I wonder what this switch does… *click*
Aeka: Sasami?
Tenchi: Sasami?
Mihoshi: That was so scary, whew… *gasp* Look! Sasami’s reflection!
Tenchi: Tsunami? Now why does this remind me of something from a few episodes ago?
Sasami: *gasp* *run*
Washuu: None of you could find her, huh? Well, let’s all spread out and look. No, Ryoko, you go THAT way.
Aeka: Sasami! Sasami! Hmm. That reflection was of Tsunami. What could it mean? Oh!
Sasami: *sob*
Aeka: What? That reflection again…
Tenchi: *wave* Urk. *thud*
Washuu: Ssshh.
Tenchi: Washuu…?
Washuu: Let’s leave them alone.
Tenchi: Uh, okay.
  Ryoko/Mihoshi: (bound/gagged) Mmmf mmm mmffff.
Sasami: I’m sorry, Aeka. I’m not the real Sasami!
Aeka: Wha–? What do you mean?
Sasami: *sob*
Tenchi: Sasami… Um.
Tsunami: It was 700 years ago. It was a time of flashbacks. Things happened. Sasami fell. I merged with her to save her life. Is everything clear now?
Sasami: The real Sasami died that day. I tried to tell you. Of course nobody noticed the marks on my forehead either. *sob* I’m not your real sister!
Aeka: Hmm? Suddenly I feel like having a flashback of my own…
Sasami: *crying*
Aeka: Hmm! Why are you doing this, Sasami? To hurt my feelings? To drive me away?
Sasami: Huh? No, Aeka! I love you so much!
Aeka: *giggle* And I love you too. That’s what counts.
Sasami: Gee! Sis, when I grow up I want to be able to manipulate people as good as you do!
Tenchi: Whoah! *thud*
Aeka: Tenchi?
Washuu: *snicker*
Tenchi: Oh, I, uh… feel the same way as Aeka. Yeah, that’s it.
Aeka: Whatever happens, you are my dear sister…
Sasami: Waah! Aeka! *run* Waah! Tenchiii… *hug*
Aeka: …the hell?
Ryo-ohki: Meow! (Translation: “Sucks to be you, Aeka. You go, Sasami!”)
Washuu: What do you know, Sasami is a normal girl after all. Aeka’s got nothing on me for manipulating people!
Tenchi: Well, she’s asleep. Poor kid.
Aeka: She told me the real Sasami died…
Tsunami: *shimmer* She didn’t really die. She survived by assimilating with me. For some reason my half of our personality doesn’t want her to know that yet. Required mysteriousness of being a goddess, or some such.
Aeka: I don’t understand!
Tsunami: Of course not. I’m being mysterious and evasive. Some day our personalities will combine fully and she’ll understand.
Aeka: Oh. Okay.
Yosho: Here you are, we’ve been looking for you! Let’s party under the lanterns tonight.
Ryoko: Hey Tenchi, have a drink!
Tenchi: Um, I’m underage?
  Noboyuki/Yosho: Go right ahead!
Ryoko: I’ll go drink with Aeka, then. Hey Aeka, I didn’t know Jurai trees could take human form.
Aeka: Shows what you know. Sasami and Tsunami are the same. Get it? *glug*
Ryoko: Everybody gets it by now. Some people got it three episodes ago. Your point?
Aeka: *glug* Let me spell it out for you. When Sasami grows up…
Ryoko: She’ll look like Tsunami?
Aeka: Duh. *glug*
Ryoko: Can’t be.
Tsunami: Can too. *shimmer* Eventually you’ll be able to call me… us… whatever… Sasami OR Tsunami. Whichever you prefer.
  Aeka/Ryoko: Huh?!? *turn* *stare*
Tsunami: Don’t worry about her, she’ll have a complete memory when we’re fully joined.
  Aeka/Ryoko: That’s not why we’re worried!
Tsunami: …?
Ryoko: (thinking) Aeka’s no prize, but I didn’t think Sasami would be competition!
Aeka: (thinking) Ryoko’s no prize, but now I’m going to have to compete with my own sister!
  Aeka/Ryoko: (to each other) Well, at least she’s prettier than you are! Grr!
Mihoshi: Oh no, stop it you two! Why must I always be the referee…ee… ah! *push*
Mihoshi: Are you two okay?
  Aeka/Ryoko: *burble*
Tsunami: Tee hee!