Danger! Romance! Fanservice! We seal the fate of yet another briefly-seen baddie as we conclude this two-part episode with Zero Ryoko.

DrClay: If that boy is in your way, you must eliminate him.
Zero: *fade* *stab* Argh! *fade*
Washuu: Now that’s cute.
Zero: Washuu! If I take you to Doctor Clay, I won’t have to kill Tenchi! *grab*
Washuu: What are you going to do with that doll? Take it to Doctor Clay?
Washuu: If it’s a gift, I can put a ribbon on it for ya! *smirk*
Zero: Argh!
Aeka: That’s enough! I won’t allow violence in the house!
Zero: Don’t get in my way, or I’ll kill you.
Aeka: Huh? Oh, Tenchi!
Zero: Tenchi… Urk. *fade*
Washuu: *grab* C’mon, Ryo-ohki, let’s go after her.
Ryo-ohki: Meow? (Translation: “What was I doing down the front of your nightgown?”)
Aeka: You know, I think the copy has a better personality than the real Ryoko.
Washuu: You may be right! Tee hee!
Tenchi: Um. *blink*
Ryo-ohki: Mrrrooow! (Translation: “Ah, it’s good to be in space again!”)
Tenchi: Washuu, you’re telling me that that was a copy of Ryoko?
Washuu: Did I say that? Hmm, look, Mihoshi found Doctor Clay. She’s a genius, I tell ya.
Tenchi: We have to save Ryoko! Hurry up, Washuu!
Washuu: Keep your pants on and let me work, mmmkay?
Mihoshi: Auuugh!
Washuu: There we are, Tenchi… Tenchi? Sheesh. Impulsive kid.
Aeka: So what do we do, Lord Tenchi?
Tenchi: First we rescue Mihoshi… um.
Mihoshi: Augh! *bang* *zap* Owie owie owie!
Tenchi: I, uh, guess she’s okay.
DrClay: That boy’s pretty good for an Earthling, but I don’t see why Washuu’s so interested in him. Good thing there’s no way for anybody to make it in here–
Washuu: You were saying?
DrClay: Urk!
*zap* *crash*
DrClay: You haven’t changed, Washuu.
Washuu: You look older, Clay. Same silly octopus hairdo, though.
DrClay: I’m going to pay you back for my humiliation when we were both competing for the Director’s chair at the science academy.
Washuu: Hmm? Well, looks like it’s fanservice time. Why do the bad guys always put Ryoko into a glass container?
DrClay: Don’t move, Washuu, or this whole ship will blow up… killing you, your precious human guinea pig and that girl of yours.
Washuu: Well, at least it’s not someone important, like Aeka! *snicker*
Ryoko: Blurb burble blub blurb! *shakes fist*
DrClay: Now, tell me about those gems. Frankly, Tokimi can’t figure them out, which honestly surprises me.
Washuu: Well, frankly I don’t know, honestly they’ve been around since I can remember.
DrClay: You mock me?
Washuu: You’re SO mockable!
DrClay: Hmm. Tell me about that human guinea pig of yours. He’s such a blockhead.
Washuu: That’s part of his charm, actually. Tee hee!
DrClay: You must be joking, Washuu.
Washuu: You didn’t go to all this trouble just to reminisce. What do you want?
DrClay: Revenge, of course. That, and there’s someplace I want to take you, someone who wants to meet you…
Washuu: Oh, you’re going to take me somewhere and do unspeakably naughty things to me! Ooo!
DrClay: Cut that out!
Washuu: But don’t you know that I’m in love with someone else? Tee hee!
DrClay: How could I love something that I can’t tell the front end of from the back?
Washuu: Hmph. You wanna see my front? *unbutton*
DrClay: Mwaah! *blush* I’m not the one who wants to see you. It’s Lady Tokimi.
Washuu: To… ki… mi?
DrClay: Surprised, Washuu?
Washuu: Yeah. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard you call someone by their title.
DrClay: Grr…
Washuu: I’ve been locked up for 5,000 years… It’s not a name from the Academy… I don’t remember anything before 20,000 years ago… c’mon, gimme a hint!
DrClay: Always the joker. You may not know her, but she knows you.
Tenchi: I wonder where Ryoko is.
Aeka: I think we’re going in circles.
Mihoshi: Let’s go this way!
Aeka: I think we’re going in circles.
*clang* *clang* *clang*
Mihoshi: I think we’re trapped!
Aeka: No duh, lamebrain.
Washuu: So, aren’t you the least bit curious how I found you?
DrClay: It’s a long trip. Knock yourself out.
Washuu: For starters, you have this incredibly stupid habit of marking every possession with your logo. That’s how I could spot your Ryoko clone, that’s how I knew where the bridge was on this ship, and so on.
DrClay: I’m shocked and amazed! Just for that, I’m going to encase you in goo.
Washuu: Surprise! I didn’t forget to put the ribbon on your present! Do you like the doll?
DrClay: Huh? I’m shocked and amazed.
Washuu: I’ll give you this doll in exchange for Ryoko and the gang. Just don’t do anything indecent with it, okay?
*zap* *crash*
Zero: Don’t move.
DrClay: Hah! You forgot to take Zero into account!
Washuu: Wanna bet?
Zero: You too, Doctor.
DrClay: Huh?
Zero: Don’t hurt Tenchi!
DrClay: How is this possible?
Washuu: The copy of Ryoko’s memories into Zero was too perfect.
DrClay: Then I’ll erase those memo–
Zero: No! I want to live as Ryoko!
Zero: Auugh! *thud*
Washuu: Clay, you bastard. This is exactly why you were kicked out of school.
DrClay: My technology is perfect! Perfect, I say!
Washuu: Um, sure.
DrClay: Grr. Let’s find out what your relationship is with Tokimi by copying your memories.
*zap* *crack*
DrClay: Impossible! Zero should have been completely shut down!
Washuu: Claaaayy! *punch*
DrClay: Mwaah! *click*
DrClay: The ship is separating. Once it does, the reactor will implode. The controls are over there if you want to stop it!
Washuu: Grr.
DrClay: *grab* *flee*
Washuu: Ah, there’s the button. Sheesh, dirty old man, using a nude statuette as a control interface. *tap* *tap* Ack, it’s a dummy console! Tricked!
DrClay: Damn that Washuu.
Mihoshi: Ack, my wristwatch is going off again! What does it mean?
Aeka: It means we’re going to be trapped in a black hole!
Tenchi: Whaaaat?
Mihoshi: How cool, this’ll be the first time I’ve ever been so close to one!
Aeka: Yay for you.
*zap* *crash* *implosion*
Aeka: I can’t keep up this shield…
*foosh* *event horizon*
Tenchi: *glow* Hmm?
DrClay: Washuu, this is all your fault! What? What’s going on? That’s impossible! What’s that light… Light Hawk Wings ™? The boy’s generating them? Hmm… I’ll take this information to Tokimi!
Ryo-ohki: Mrrooooww! (Translation: “Not so fast, dirty old man.”)
Mihoshi: I’m ready to escort the prisoner back to the authorities, bye now!
Washuu: Okay, take care! See you next episode!
Ryoko: *thump* *thump* Blurb burble blub!
Washuu: Hurry up, Tenchi. Put Ryoko into this other capsule!
Tenchi: Huh?
Washuu: Improbable as it sounds, I’m the one who split her into two. Nobody could have really duplicated my masterpiece, you see? Now I’m going to put them back together again. C’mon!
Ryoko: /You big fat liar./
Washuu: /You’re objecting, Ryoko?/
Ryoko: /She’s so embarrassing!/
Washuu: /She’s the real you, Ryoko. The one who really shows her feelings./
Ryoko: /That takes all the fun out of it!/
  Avatar: What is this energy?
Tokimi: Is it Washuu’s or Tsunami’s doing?
  Avatar: Such a powerful sword, but with only three blades?
Tokimi: I can’t say. *smirk*
  Avatar: Can’t, or won’t? Ah well, let’s just drop some foreshadowing that won’t bear fruit for another decade or so.
Tokimi: As you wish.
Washuu: Oh Ryoko, Tenchi’s coming!
Ryoko: Oh? *blush* *run*
Aeka: But Washuu, he’s not due back until… oh, aren’t you sneaky?
Washuu: *smirk*
Ryoko: *giggle* When will I *giggle* be back to *giggle* normal again? Tee hee! *blush*