That’s right, it’s time for another two-part bad-guy episode of Tenchi Muyo. Please enjoy our presentation of The Advent of the Goddess.

DrClay: Mwah-ha-ha-ha, marvelous is the power that can tow a galaxy.
  Zero: You haven’t completed your mission, Doctor.
DrClay: I don’t have to.
  Avatar: You haven’t completed your mission, Doctor.
DrClay: No, but I think I may have completed YOUR mission. In your face! Now where’s Tokimi?
  Avatar: Very well…
DrClay: Uh… *grovel*
Tokimi: Bring me Washuu and I will grant your wish of dominion over an entire galaxy.
DrClay: That went well. What’s your problem, Zero?
  Zero: Tokimi. Her existence is impossible. She scares me.
DrClay: Well, don’t think about it then. We have work to do.
Ryoko: Ah, this is the life! o/ Bee Double-Oh Zee Eee, booooze! /o Huh?
  Zero: Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Ryoko: …the hell?
Zero: I’m going to borrow your appearance for a while.
DrClay: What? Why couldn’t the gem be duplicated? That’s impossible.
Ryoko: Tenchi…
Tenchi: I thought I heard someone call me. I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything.
Washuu: Back to the task at hand. You haven’t been able to generate Light Hawk Wings ™ since the fight with Kagato?
Tenchi: Nope, and I’ve tried.
Sasami: Tenchi, Washuu, food’s ready!
Tenchi: Trivial question, but did I really need to take my clothes off?
Washuu: Heh, heh, no.
Tenchi: Figures.
Aeka: Tenchi, are you okay?
Washuu: What are you insinuating, Princess?
Aeka: Oh, nothing! *blush*
Tenchi: Where’s Ryoko?
Sasami: She went out to buy some sake and isn’t back yet.
Aeka: Probably drank it all and fell asleep… again.
Tenchi: I’ll go look for her.
Zero: Hah, there’s Washuu. She doesn’t sense a thing.
Tenchi: Oh, Ryoko! There you are.
Zero: *blush*
Tenchi: You’ve kept everyone waiting for dinner, you know.
Zero: (I can’t believe I’m reacting this way!) Tenchi, let’s get drunk together!
Aeka: Hmmmmm? *glare*
Tenchi: Ryoko, go eat.
Zero: What IS it about that boy? Augh.
Washuu: Hmm…?
Mihoshi: Washuu, what’s this weird blinking orb on Aeka’s head?
Washuu: You! Don’t touch! Aeka, make some facial expressions.
Aeka: What’s this all about?
Washuu: Just collecting, um, scientific data for no important reason at all. *poke*
Aeka: Ooo!
Washuu: My, aren’t we responsive. *giggle* Worthy of a Jurai Princess.
Aeka: Hey, who said you could poke my breast?
Washuu: Just kidding! Ryoko, get your butt down here!
Zero: Alright…
Washuu: *gasp* What’s this? Oh my, it’s just as I suspected.
Zero: What… what is it?
Washuu: Your breasts are sagging!
Zero: Whaaaat?!?
Washuu: Hey, Mihoshi, you bubblehead, don’t play with–
Tenchi: I’m going to the fields now! Ah, the life of a carrot farmer.
Washuu: But Tenchi, you promised to be my guinea pig!
Tenchi: Gee, why don’t I recall having THAT conversation?
Washuu: Oooo, you mean thing!
Zero: Ha haa! *fade*
Tenchi: Oh, Washuu! Have you seen my gloves?
Zero: Urk! *blush*
Washuu: You mean these?
Tenchi: How did I know you had them… *sigh*
Tenchi: Ryoko, isn’t it your day to do laundry?
Zero: *blush* Um, why don’t you come help me, Tenchi? *grab*
Mihoshi: Oh no, my wristwatch went off, it’s an emergency! Bye! *cube* *quickchange* *fade*
Yukinojo: I’ve been sending you emergency signals since yesterday, Mihoshi. Sheesh. You received this message:
  Aide: Galaxy police vessel robbed blah blah in your vicinity blah blah report back to headquarters only blah blah
Mihoshi: Right! I’m on the case!
Zero: Heh heh… *fade*
Tenchi: Washuu, dinner’s ready!
Washuu: Okay, Tenchi! Um… what can I do for you, Ryoko?
Zero: I, uh, just wanted to see if you needed my help.
Washuu: Great. Input all this data for me, will you?
Zero: Uh. *tap* *tap* *tap*
Washuu: Hey Ryoko, why don’t you take a bath with me?
Zero: I don’t want to!
Washuu: Okay, let’s go. *grab*
Zero: (Fool, she’s giving me just the chance I need.)
Washuu: *scrub* Hmm. (Nice tattoo. I can’t IMAGINE where it came from…) So, Ryoko, Tenchi was talking about you.
Zero: Wha..?
Washuu: He was complaining that you haven’t cleaned the toilet yet today.
Zero: Oh, okay.
Washuu: *snicker*
Tenchi: Wow, Ryoko, you volunteered to clean the toilets on Washuu’s day? How nice of you!
Zero: Urk. Damned Washuu. I got compliments from Tenchi, though! Tee hee!
DrClay: Zero… Zero… ZERO!
Zero: Doctor!
DrClay: That boy is distracting you from your assigned task of capturing Washuu.
Zero: Sorry.
DrClay: *zap* Get the point?
Zero: Yes, sir. *sigh*
DrClay: If that boy is in your way, you must eliminate him.
Zero: *fade* *stab* Argh!
DrClay: Mwah-ha-ha-ha!