Let’s have last light-hearted frolic before the heavier two-episode bad-guy interlude. Watch as Ryo-ohki proclaims, I Love Tenchi!

Sasami: Hey, Ryoko, whatcha doin’?
Mihoshi: Yeah, what?
Ryoko: Let’s see. Fishing pole, line in the water. Gee, what do you THINK I’m doing?
Mihoshi: I dunno.
*tug* *pull* *wriggle* *splash*
Ryoko: No carrot until you catch a fish, Ryo-ohki.
Ryo-ohki: Meow. (Translation: “The things I do for the love of carrots.”)
Tenchi: Going through the old boxes of clothing. What a way to pass an afternoon. Hmm, what’s this?
Tenchi: Mommy? …
Sasami: Welcome home, Tenchi!
Tenchi: Ryoko, why are you wearing that?
Ryoko: Do I look good in this or what?
Tenchi: *nodding*
Ryoko: Whee! *dance* *rip* Oops.
Tenchi: Urk!
Ryo-ohki: *hop* Meow! (Translation: “I wonder what that racket is in Tenchi’s room!”) *fade*
Tenchi: I hate you!
Ryo-ohki: Mrow…
Tenchi: Ryo-ohki, I didn’t mean you! Wait, come back!
Ryoko: *mortified*
Ryo-ohki: Meow. (Translation: “Where’s that cabbit door… oh yeah.”)
Washuu: What’s the matter, Ryo-ohki? Come talk to your mom…
Ryo-ohki: *scamper*
Sasami: Have you found Ryo-ohki yet, Tenchi?
Tenchi: Nope. Aha! I’ll go check the carrot field. I should have looked there in the first place, when you think about it.
Ryo-ohki: Mrow. (Translation: “I could sure go for a carrot right about now. On the rocks, with a twist.”)
Tenchi: I’m sorry, Ryo-ohki. I wasn’t yelling at you, okay?
Ryo-ohki: *sob*
Tenchi: Ah, how about we take home a whole bunch of carrots, okay?
Ryo-ohki: Meoow! (Translation: “Never underestimate the power of tears on the opposite sex!”)
Tenchi: Hey, that’s a great help, this levitating… Mwah! Car! Put us down!
*thud* *tumble* *bonk*
Tenchi: Well, that was close.
Tenchi: Hi, Ryoko. Even though I can see you’ve done a terrible job of sewing together my mom’s robe, I’ll stop being mad at you now.
Ryoko: You’re so sweet! Here, let me carry those carrots.
Sasami: Ryo-ohki! I’m going to cook your favorite carrot dish tonight.
Ryo-ohki: Mrow. (Translation: “I’m gonna give that Ryoko the ankle-biting of her life.”)
*tap* *tap* *tap*
Ryo-ohki: Meow! (Translation: “Mom, I need to talk to you.”)
Washuu: Just a minute, be right with you…
Ryo-ohki: Mrow. (Translation: “Yeah, right…”) *hop* *hop*
*sob* *wriggle* *look* *swim* *gaze* *hide*
Washuu: What you see here is an aquatic creature from another world called Mass. Part of you is made up of their material. Neat, huh?
Aeka: Washuu, teatime!
Washuu: Oh, so late? Wow…
Ryo-ohki: Meow… (Translation: “But Mom…”)
Washuu: Later, Ryo-ohki, not now.
*wriggle* *purple-blob soap opera* *merging* *crash* *covered eyes* *alarm* *news flash*
Tenchi: Guess I’ll have my lunch now in the peace and safety of the carrot field.
Washuu: We have a problem. The Masses have escaped!
Ryoko: Masses? What’s that?
Washuu: Your father, Ryoko.
*collective gasp*
Washuu: Pay attention, this is background on the origin of Ryo-ohki and yourself, Ryoko.
Sasami: So… Ryoko’s father escaped?
Aeka: So… what is this Mass anyway?
Washuu: Good question! And a good excuse for a wacky lecture scene!
Ryoko: What’s this all about?
Washuu: Comic relief, mostly. Now pipe down and behave or I’ll drop more wacky objects on your head, Ryoko.
Sasami: Professor! I’d like to state the obvious! Oh, and would now be a good time to make a “pothead” joke at Aeka and Ryoko’s expense?
Washuu: Why don’t we just move on with the exposition, shall we?
Ryoko: I say we should go look for the Masses!
*bonk* *crunch*
Washuu: Wrong answer!
Aeka: I say we should figure out what factor affected them, Professor Washuu!
Washuu: Right answer, even if you are a suck-up. Lucky for us I already know that Ryo-ohki was the factor.
Ryo-ohki: Mrow? (Translation: “This isn’t going to hurt, is it?”)
*brain-scan sequence* *carrots* *superdeformed cast members* *carrots* *Tenchi* *carrots* *Tenchi* *carrots* *end brain-scan sequence*
Washuu: To sum up, Ryo-ohki’s thoughts were of helping Tenchi in the carrot field, so that’s where the Masses went. And if they sense Tenchi’s power they may be threatened by it and attack him.
Ryoko: Wha–? Tenchi! *fade*
Washuu: Ryoko, wait!
*zap!* *crash*
Washuu: …I wanted to warn you about the shield around my lab. *sigh*
Tenchi: Waaah! *flee* *hide*
*grab* *dig*
Tenchi: Okay, so a weird brown naked mute chick is carrot-farming. This must be Washuu’s handiwork.
Aeka: Tenchi, look out!
Tenchi: Mwaah! *run*
Washuu: Tenchi, don’t move or it’ll attack!
Tenchi: *freeze* Now she tells me.
Mihoshi: Ryoko’s Father, no!
Sasami: o/ That deaf, dumb and blind chick / ain’t got no brains at all /o
Washuu: We’ll be just fine… our decoy is on the way!
Ryoko: *crawl* That damned Washuu… *thud*
Tenchi: I’m toast.
Ryoko: *fade* Oh Tenchiiii…
Tenchi: *point*
Ryoko: Whoops.
*pow!* *foom!*
Ryo-ohki: MEOW! *scamper* *leap* *grab* *claw*
Washuu: Ryo-ohki, take control of the Masses!
Ryo-ohki: Mroooooowwww… *thud*
Tenchi: Ryo-ohki!
Washuu: She’s going to be okay.
Tenchi: Here, let me help you up.
Ryo-ohki: Mrow? (Translation: “I’ve got hands? And legs? And, um, these?”)
Ryoko: Ow.
Sasami: This way, Ryo-ohki. Hey, how’d you get so short all of a sudden, and so dressed?
Tenchi: I’ve picked more carrots! My, they grow fast don’t they? Let’s go… whoah!
Ryo-ohki: Mrow! *bonk* *roll* *cabbit-transform*
Tenchi: Thanks for helping, Ryo-ohki.
Ryo-ohki: Meow? (Translation: “Um, how’d THIS happen?”)
*blatant foreshadowing involving spaceship with enormous figurehead*