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  1. All that for naught — 22 November, 2016
  2. Already Voted. Going On A Trip. — 8 November, 2016
  3. Something Resembling Halloween Content — 31 October, 2016
  4. My Time Is My Own — 5 October, 2016
  5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — 12 September, 2016

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Nov 22

All that for naught

If a joke falls on the Internet, and nobody laughs, does it make a goddamned bit of difference?

Nov 08

Already Voted. Going On A Trip.

I love being an Oregonian. It means that I took care of my civic responsibility over a week ago. If you haven’t yet… please do. No, today’s fun isn’t about voting. It’s about leaving on a business trip. I’m headed to IT Nation in Orlando FL for the rest of the week. Yay? I haven’t …

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Oct 31

Something Resembling Halloween Content

I’ve had this idea knocking around in my mind for a couple months, and today I found myself with the means, motive, and opportunity. Without further ado, I present a partial reading of that grim classic of poetry, Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” (Look, I could only keep at it for so long. You should …

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Oct 05

My Time Is My Own

It was suggested, years ago, that I rejected monogamy because I have issues with commitment. The fact that I’ve maintained two stable relationships for a dozen years or so now may put the lie to the intent of the statement, let’s be clear. There may be a commitment problem in my mind, though. Just not …

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Sep 12

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I should preface my review of¬†Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a few facts so you can decide whether you want to try taking this review at all seriously: I hated “Man of Steel.” I feel like the only things that movie got really right were Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, whose Clark and …

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Aug 31

Capsule Review Roundup

We’ll round out this summer run of music (and related products) reviews with a handful of most-recent-album selections which I just couldn’t work up enough enthusiasm for to devote a full entry’s worth of time & effort… Apocalyptica, Shadowmaker – So they’ve got a dedicated singer now. “Cold Blood” is good, the rest of the …

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