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  1. Garbage – Strange Little Birds — 27 July, 2016
  2. Kongos – Egomaniac — 20 July, 2016
  3. Caravan Palace – <|°_°|> (aka Robot) — 13 July, 2016
  4. Hashtag Poke Mongo — 8 July, 2016
  5. PSA Taken To Heart — 27 June, 2016

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Jul 27

Garbage – Strange Little Birds

In case you thought you might be in for something of an upbeat barn-burner of a record, the latest Garbage album starts with a three minute quiet gloomy piece called “Sometimes,” after which you get the big pop single, “Empty.” Strange Little Birds is the work of a band who sound like they just want …

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Jul 20

Kongos – Egomaniac

The guys with the breakout hit a couple years back, the ones with the heavy drums and frequent accordion, have returned with a second album release. How does Egomaniac stand up to what Kongos have done before? Well, the lead single, “Take It From Me,” isn’t as deeply catchy as “Come With Me Now.” That’s …

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Jul 13

Caravan Palace – <|°_°|> (aka Robot)

To enjoy Caravan Palace, you need first be able to enjoy a genre called “electroswing,” which is basically old-timey swing-era jazz songs smushed together with electronic sounds & modern production values. It’s not my tip-top favorite sound, but sometimes it suits my mood for a while. To enjoy Caravan Palace’s third album, the one with …

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Jul 08

Hashtag Poke Mongo

With only a day (mostly) of Pokemon GO under my belt, I have some thoughts, presented in bullet point form… or Pokeball-point, if you prefer: Boy howdy is this a Niantic game or what. This is Ingress with a thick layer of Pokemon slathered on top. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but we …

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Jun 27

PSA Taken To Heart

I realized something this morning: In a weird sort of way, I embody the warning not to drink and drive, as I do neither of those things. (This could’ve been just a “tweet.” The other thing I realized this morning, however, is that I haven’t posted here in over a month. I have some new …

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May 20

Not A Good Month For Vacationing

As I did last month, this month I took a pair of three-day “staycations” to burn more of that overabundance of time-off hours before they expire. Great idea, right? I’ll get things done, right? Let’s see. Last week: The heat arrived. Setup the air conditioner and mostly stayed in front of it for three solid …

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