Mar 20

For Tea, Too

Two things happened a couple weeks ago.

One, I finished That Story Thing. On time, without missing a scheduled installment. That’s two projects I’ve completed (along with That Webcomic Thing) for which I maintained a reliable update schedule. I’m good for something, anyway: Keeping to a schedule. (Not necessarily “creating something worth taking the time to read,” apparently. C’est la vie.)

Two, I clocked another year on this planet. We celebrated this momentous event via the receiving of books as presents from both romantic partners. Can’t complain, there. Mmmm, books.

Other than that… not much going on, here. I’m in limbo, creative-wise. Got my taxes done. Bought some clothes and shoes. Been reading, of course. Playing old games like Age of Empires II and Titan Quest and such. You know. Puttering.

Now I need to figure out what I’m doing next.

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  1. Wonderduck

    To the Mun with you!

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