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We need a place to keep track of certain useful informational tidbits about our "toons," and it seems like the wiki format will be the easiest option given that it's simple to update and available from any location capable of running City of Heroes/Villains.

The impetus for creating this section of the wiki is a desire to track loot, particularly I9-related items like Invention Recipes and Invention Salvage. Since each hero and villain will have their own page, however, it seems a shame not to build certain other features into the template right from the start. For instance we can post amusing "biographical" data, costume screenshots and gameplay anecdotes.

This particular document should not be used as a hub or index; if you're looking for a specific toon or item of loot, please use the search function at left. Maintaining an index only adds work, as I've learned the hard way. Searching and the effective use of categories are what makes a wiki work.


(This is very much a work in progress. Please bear with.)


Creating a new toon: A toon's page should be named identically to the toon itself. Thus if you want to create a page for "Generic Hero XY" it's just a matter of typing the name into the search box, clicking Go and accepting MediaWiki's advice to create the new page.

Note that you should first visit the Generic Toon page, click edit, copy all of the source so you'll be able to paste that into the edit box for the new toon. Edit the page, use the "Show Preview" button (always a good idea!), and save when you're ready.

Category Usage

At the bottom of a toon's page, the following categories should be used as appropriate:

  • Side: Heroes, Villains
  • Account: Grey1, Kyla1, Kyla2, Kids1 (if we choose to include their toons)
    • Note that the category names are selected so as to obscure the real logins, for security purposes.
    • Another option might be to use the Global. In fact, I rather like that idea... Hmm.
  • SG/VG: Azhure Empyrean, The Saints, Grey Death Legion, etc.

Doing so will aid navigation & searching. For instance, if you're looking at Raelith and are wondering who might be able to quickly trade material with her then looking for toons on a different account is probably a good idea.

The method for adding categories is to append one or more blocks of text at the very bottom of the full document, as follows:

[[Category:Category Name]]

These can be entered all on the same line if it's convenient. (This is how I usually do it.)