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Things that annoy me in general and in specific.

Aug 25

Standard Support Screwup

The script you’re about to read doesn’t detail how every interaction with a particular vendor’s tech support staff goes, but it’s very, very indicative and common…   Me: Hello! A problem has occurred with your product. Now, having worked with this product nigh onto a decade now, I’m aware of the usual issues and have …

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Oct 04

When Mail Merge Blows Up

Don’t you just hate it when your mail merge falls completely apart? That’s a piece of lovely scam email purporting to be from Verizon, which it actually isn’t because my Verizon account’s linked to my other email address. Oh, that and the links you see there don’t actually go to Verizon’s website. (I wonder if …

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Jan 09

You Do Not Fit

We’ve all long known that I don’t “fit in,” metaphorically speaking. I’m not into the usual things guys are into… not sports, or cars, or hunting, or what-have- you. I don’t slot neatly into the Red State / Blue State spectrum. George Lucas didn’t “ruin my childhood” by making a trio of crappy movies. I …

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Jan 07

Where does all of that money go?

You know, you’d think that Microsoft could afford proofreaders for their EULA boilerplate text. But… Sloppy, guys. Very sloppy.

Jun 28

Fine Anne Chill Aid

Yes, I haven’t been posting. It’s hard to post when you’re stressed and tired of being stressed and tired due to stress all of the time. Why? Oh, it goes something like this… starting in late May…

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Jun 05

Night Of The Living Dumb

One of the other units in our little apartment complex, at some point in the last few months, became the “party place.” You know, drinking and music and groups of idiots shouting at random, that sort of thing. Generally speaking they’ve kept it reasonable; they’re usually not super-loud, and they’re dispersed by 11pm or so. …

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