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Feb 26

Good day. Sunshine.


It may be chilly out there in late February but hey, sometimes we get quite the view… Not bad. Not bad at all.

Jul 31

Gundam Winging It


Oh hey, look at what I assembled over the weekend. Such a fierce little dude, isn’t he?

Jul 27

Not-So-Giant Robots


So, in order to give myself something to do (possibly even accomplish) I have begun assembling one of the models I bought … oh, late last year? Ahem. Yes, that’s a little Wing Gundam. And it doesn’t require glue, which was a pleasant surprise I don’t mind admitting. Hopefully I’ll have a finished robot to …

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Jul 10

All The Ducks

This is the sort of thing I get up to when a silly joke idea gets stuck in my head and won’t go away. And there you go. Never let it be said I let the opportunity to jump in on a meme bandwagon go by unchallenged.

Apr 16

Let sleeping ducks something-or-other.


We went to the Hillsboro public library for an all-staff photo shoot. I took a picture, too: These ducks were still asleep, though. I was so jealous…

Apr 09

This is what happens when I have this kind of toy.


See, the moment I realized that I have two devices with front-facing cameras you just know what came next… This is the sort of thing which guarantees that I will never be one of the cool kids. Oh well.

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