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Feb 29

Ivan With The Head Of A Bear

How’s this for a bold, principled statement on a controversial topic: “Jack Frost” is the best MST3K episode of all time. Yes, better than its cousin, “The Day The Earth Froze.” Yes, better than “Manos, Hands of Fate,” largely because (let’s face it) “Manos” is just plain painful for most of its running time. Yes, …

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Jan 20

James Burke on YouTube

Recently I Twittered (tweeted, whatever) about the sudden disappearance of the JamesBurkeFan collection of videos on YouTube containing the entirety of “Connections” (1, 2 and 3) as well as “The Day The Universe Changed,” my favorite educational series of all time. Turned out that YouTube pulled the videos at the request of the publisher of …

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Apr 10

Curse of the Golden Flower

We managed to miss seeing it in the theater, so Kyla picked this one up on DVD a while back. Last night we made time to take it in. And oh, there’s so much to take in! “Curse of the Golden Flower” is an expensive and beautiful Chinese film portraying an imperial family that, to …

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Mar 10

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind

It’s one of my all-time favorite movies, finally out on DVD. Rock the hell on!

Jul 05

Armitage: Dual-Matrix Special Edition

So what do you do when you’re handed a DVD, you look at the cover and title, and you pop the disc into your player right away because you’re certain that this is going to be a fun show to see… and then you have to work continually throughout the viewing to keep your enthusiasm …

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